TREE: A Day in the Life with Clint Reynolds Apr 4, 2012

If there is anything that’s more inspirational than this to watch this week, send it to me. Right now, this is as good as it gets. I’ve posted photos of Clint’s van before as well as his motorcycle and even a few shots of him riding. He’s one of my favorite BMX riders and has a vibe that I can get behind. Don’t miss this one! Congrats to TREE for putting such a solid team together.

Ride BMX had the exclusive on this and there’s a great reflection on the video over there, so check that out.

  • Yep, this is fantastic.

  • So rad, what a life.

  • airstream for the win, this is great.

  • sweet. and that one jump is MASSIVE. 

  • Eric Highlander

    This kid has it dialed. A van, a trailer, a dog, and some massive style. Hell Yeah!

  • Guestus McPoast

    The life.