Two Wheels on Two Wheels Dec 10, 2010


I love seeing projects like this. This motorcycle was parked outside T-1 this afternoon. In places like Austin, there’s really no need for a car and if your only bike is a BMX then why not retrofit your motorcycle to take it long distances?

Check out some more photos below.




Dude gets an A+ in my book!

  • i was conceptualizing something like this a few weeks ago except it would be a side mount, not unlike deus ex machina’s surfboard racks, that would take a full sized bike…

    i’m hoping to take some big moto trips next season and i thought it might be fun to have a bike in some cities… alas, i’m sure the bici will stay at home…

  • mark

    A scooter shop near me plans on making a kit similar to this:

  • I had a friend back in the UK who had bought a bike rack that mounted behind the motorbike’s seat, it actually looked like a triangular tray. The frame and wheels lay stacked upon the tray, great way to get to events. I didn’t find it online but did find this:

  • That’s awesome! Vice grips! Lyle recently did this one up:

  • chris campbell

    Doing a write-up on T-1!!?? Joe Rich=hell yes!!!!

  • bigstar

    I saw that bike down on 6th St today when I was on my way to my loft. Funny

  • Bill

    Looks like Clint Reynolds made a trip to Austin! That dude is sick, check out Anthem II!