Empire BMX: Tony Cardona 2012 May 5, 2012

Every clip is a banger here, don’t miss out on Tony Cardona’s video for Empire BMX. Seriously, you have no idea how big some of this shit is in person.

  • everything about this is good. that crank slide was the best ive seen except for maybe Gabe brooks up rail one.

  • Jason

    That stair to fountain gap on 6th was nuts…and the Stair street gap at the cathedral was HUGE!! What a sick video.

    • That’s the Church Gap. Well, the “new” church gap.

  • guest

    Fucking Killing It.

  • Jake Ricker

    So fucking good.

  • Cassmcdizzle

    Wow. Crazy mofo

  • zeeeeeeecore

    was that Caspian on the background music?