Two Videos to Hold You Over Jul 19, 2012

Sorry about the lack of updates guys. It’s been a blast here in Bali and I didn’t mean to leave you hanging but I needed some away time. To hold you over until the torrent of updates roll through, check out these two videos from Chicago. Tom LaMarche is a fucking beast. That last clip is big. I’m so proud of you man. Very inspiring.

Check out Clit Clips 02 below.

Such good times.

Normal posting will commence this weekend, so sit tight!

  • Guest

    that last 3 was BMX big

    • “get out! now! I’m calling the cops”

  • Michael

    That first video was RAW! Best FGFS video I’ve seen so far.

  • Manningtomtom

    Pathetic video.  Way to fuck up public property.  Get a job.  

    • Dizzlizzle

      To buy the bike to that fucks up public property requires a job so…
      Try it before you knock it fag.

      • I think you both should probably stop. Welcome to the internet.