Fear Not: Rene Herse Chainrings are 12 Speed Compatible


Fear Not: Rene Herse Chainrings are 12 Speed Compatible

The thing I love seeing is a modern road or ‘cross drivetrain with vintage-inspired or straight-up vintage silver cranks. If you’ve wanted to mix up your SRAM or Shimano built bike with something classier than the supplied cranks – which are designed to look good with carbon bikes, not steel frames, IMO – then check out this tidbit of information Jan from Rene Herse just announced.

In designing the Rene Herse chainrings, they anticipated the arrival of 12-speed, so the ramping design on these rings and the ring’s teeth width themselves have been engineered and now confirmed to work with 12-speed systems. I’m not talking “shift and it’ll eventually drop, ‘work'” I mean shift and it’ll smoothly engage.

Read more over at the Rene Herse blog.

-Low Q factor (142 mm for a double)
-Weight (598 g)
-High strength – pass the highest ‘EN Racing Bike’ test for fatigue resistance
-Available as single, double and triple, even for tandems
-Three lengths from 165 to 177 mm, each based on a dedicated forging
-Chainring choices from 52 to 24 teeth
-No worries about spare parts in the future