Wolf Tooth’s Aero Rings for Shimano GRX


Wolf Tooth’s Aero Rings for Shimano GRX

Aero chainrings date back to the 1980s and are still very much in vogue today, particularly in racing circles, but let’s be honest, they do look damn cool. Wolf Tooth just announced Aero Rings for Shimano GRX in a symmetric ($84.95) and asymmetric ($81.95) profile…

Designed for racing, and for those looking to optimize each detail in pursuit of speed, Wolf Tooth Aero Chainrings are strong, lightweight, and profiled to mate perectly with your crankset for a clean, integrated look. Taking advantage of 1x drivetrain systems and wider-range rear cassettes, Aero Chainrings are available in sizes 46T to 52T to provide similar overall range to standard 2x drivetrain configurations.


  • Weight:  36t • 65.5g  |  38t • 72g  |  40t • 84g  |  42t • 89g  |  44t • 92g  |  46t • 102g  |  46t (Aero) • 115g  |  48t (Aero) • 125g  |
  • 50t (Aero) • 135g  |  52t (Aero) • 141g
  • Material: 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Chainline: 50mm (same as Shimano GRX chainrings)
  • Made in the USA


See more at Wolf Tooth.