Raketa’s Road/Gravel Cranks


Raketa’s Road/Gravel Cranks

Czech Republic cycling manufacturer Raketa, known for its track and road hubs, just announced a pre-order for its all-new road/gravel cranks ($450). Let’s take a look at these new cranks…

These new cranks are designed and manufactured in house in Raketa’s Czech Republic facilities. With a solid CNC machined arm made of the finest aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, these cranksets provide a perfect balance between weight and stiffness while being meticulously tested to meet the stringent ISO 4210-8 standard, guaranteeing their strength and durability.

Featuring an 8-bolt Direct Mount interface, they can be effortlessly paired with Raketa chainrings and spiders, SRAM AXS chainrings, or compatible aftermarket chainrings.

Raketa’s axles fit most modern bicycle bottom bracket standards, including BSA, BB30/PF30, OSBB, BB386, T47, and many others that support 30 mm axles. The cranks are available in a variety of finish colors.

These cranks are available for pre-order now. As a thank you, Raketa is offering a 20% discount on the first 50 pre-orders. Early-bird customers will receive discounted prices on matching Raketa chainrings and bottom brackets, along with the chance to personalize their crankset with a unique anodized finish.


  • Weight Road — 477 g, Gravel — 480 g, including axle
  • Chainline Road — 45 mm, Gravel — 47.5 mm
  • Axle diameter 30 mm
  • Q-Factor Road — 145 mm, Gravel — 150 mm
  • Arm material Aerospace-grade 7xxx-T Aluminum alloy
  • Axle material Aerospace-grade 7075-T651 Aluminum alloy
  • Direct Mount interface 8-bolt (SRAM AXS)
  • Certification ISO 4210-8, Rated for Racing bicycles


  • Length 175 mm, 172.5 mm, 170 mm, 165 mm, 160 mm, 155 mm, 145 mm
  • Axle type Road axle, Gravel axle

See more at Raketa.