ENVE’s All Terrain Bicycle (ATB) Challenge!

ENVE just announced the first-ever ATB Challenge. Five challengers will be selected to participate in the ATB-themed reality TV Gameshow that will tackle a yet-to-be-announced course that’s being aptly named the World’s Most Challenging ATB Route. The chosen contestants will have a bike built to their specs, then be flown to a secret, rugged and remote location somewhere in the United States where they’ll be given the opportunity to complete the route. The episodic series will introduce the selected contestants, their story, bike setup, and finally, their day on the World’s most Challenging ATB Route.

On the popular show Alone, contestants choose the gear they believe will give them the best chance of outlasting the other participants when they can rely on nothing but their own survival instincts and the limited gear available. The ATB Challenge isn’t all that different, but rather than receiving fishing line or a saw, the participants will choose between 650b or 700c wheels, flat, riser, or drop bar, and gearing selections in order to create what they believe is the best All Terrain Bicycle to conquer the route. Big watts and a high Vo2 Max won’t be enough to find success on the route – choosing wisely with equipment and being ready for any course challenge that comes their way will more than level the playing field.

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