The 2021 ENVE Builder Round Up Open House and Grodeo Photos

After 2020, I wasn’t sure when I’d be back at events documenting bikes, races, and places. So far in 2021, things seem to be picking up steam and this weekend I found myself in Ogden, Utah at the ENVE Builder Round Up Open House and Grodeo gravel race

After shooting a multitude of custom bikes for two days, the doors opened to ENVE’s facilities allowing the public to peek behind the curtain and see their in-house manufacturing process. Displayed in the main hall and outside on the patio were all the custom bikes builders from all over the world sent in for the show. We’ll see more of those tomorrow.

Once everyone assembled in the facilities, a band kicked on and the food trucks fired up. With the sun hanging around the sky for a while, the party went on until 9 pm.

The next day, I hopped in an event car and documented the Grodeo gravel event. This 90 mile course takes off up Ogden Canyon and makes a big loop in the high country before mixing in a singletrack climb and descent. Instead of timing the entire course, certain segments are timed via Strava. This made for a more “chill” atmosphere where people hung out at the rest stops and mingled with each other more than a traditional start-to-finish race.

It was the first gravel event I’ve shot in over a year, so it felt good to get good ‘n’ dusty out there. This Gallery turned out great, so enjoy some sights from the 2021 ENVE Builder Round Up open house and Grodeo race.

ENVE supplied this route from the course, so if you’re ever in the Ogden, Utah area and want a good, tough ride, here’s a good place to start!