Brooks England: C67 Saddle


Brooks England: C67 Saddle

While Brooks has marketed the C67 saddle for e-bike users and commuters, there are plenty more individuals who would benefit from its unique ergonomic shape. There has been a push for wider and thinner saddles like this over the years. If you’re a rider who has found saddles shaped like the new C67 more comfortable, don’t overlook this option. Like all Cambium saddles, the C67 is weather-resistant, perfect for fall and winter riding.

-Vulcanised Natural Rubber Saddle Top
-Flexible and Robust Touring Surface
-UV + Abrasion-Resistant Waterproof Nylon Top
-Innovative Fan structure in Fibreglass-Reinforced Nylon
-Nose-piece and Saddle Plate in Fibreglass-Reinforced Nylon
-Rubber grip on the saddle plate
-Metal Back Plate branding detail
-Durable, Anodised Aluminium Rivets
-Tubular Steel Rails

Retail $130. See more at Brooks.