Posedla Joyseat 2.0 Features a Whole New Profile


Posedla Joyseat 2.0 Features a Whole New Profile

Cyclists tend to neglect their saddle fit. Did you know that Joyseat has been helping cyclists to ride pain-free in 40 countries for almost 2 years now? The custom saddle brand has achieved this by actively gathering feedback from both its customers and ambassadors, carefully considering improvements and then crafting them in its labs.

Posedla just announced its Joyseat 2.0 ($490): a bike saddle with an even greater level of customization and comfort for riders of all kinds.

Explore the key enhancements below!

They’ve sped up their manufacturing process, reducing their average lead time to 6 weeks.
They’ve added a custom saddle specifically adjusted for TT/triathlon.
They’ve extended the satisfaction guarantee to 60 days from delivery.

The saddle rails are 7×9 mm (read more)
The saddle weight load limit is 100 kg / 220 lbs
Delivery: Smiling Butt Kit ships immediately, Joyseat will follow in 6–8 weeks

Check out the Joyseat 2.0 at Posedla.