Brooks Reissues the Standard Professional Saddle


Brooks Reissues the Standard Professional Saddle

It may no longer be light enough for elite competition, but Brooks has resurrected the Standard Professional – originally born as a racing saddle – from the brand archives because it remains a beautiful and comfortable design, perfect for today’s discerning cyclists and randonneurs…

The unique design of this model came about through evolution. Its origins lie in the sometimes-obsessive fixations of competitive cyclists, who even back in the 1940s wanted all their equipment to be as light as possible. In an attempt to stop racers taking hacksaws and knives to our finely crafted products, we introduced her ancestor called B17 Competition in the 1950s. It had chamfered edges and no bag loops, to keep weight down, and solid steel rivets.

That saddle evolved into the Standard Professional we bring back today, which features an exclusive hand-chamfered nose along with copper rivets that first appeared between the late 1960s and early ’70s.

Now available in limited quantities through the Brooks online shop.