Ritchey WCS and Comp Cabrillo Saddles


Ritchey WCS and Comp Cabrillo Saddles

The Cabrillo, the latest saddle from Ritchey, takes a new look at ergonomics for drop bar pursuits. It combines a shorter nose with a wider body and a flatter shape to allow riders to move around on the saddle’s surface, reducing hot spots and is available at the WCS and Comp levels…


The Cabrillo utilizes Ritchey’s Vector Wing technology, developed in 1996, and isolates the rails to help eliminate hot spots by dissipating pressure away from the sit bones more evenly, leading directly to all-day comfort by absorbing ride vibrations and impacts.

In manufacturing the Cabrillo, Ritchey uses to the Atmos Shaping technology, which allows its seamless cover to attach to the saddle base without the use of glue, stitches, or staples. This gives the Cabrillo a more streamlined aesthetic while eliminating visually unpleasant and less-durable cover bunching on the underside of the saddle.

WCS Cabrillo Key Features

  • Vector Wing technology
  • Light polyurethane foam padding
  • Stainless steel rails
  • Nylon and carbon fiber shell
  • Premium Ritchey synthetic upper with glossy dot pattern
  • 222g
  • €99.90/$99.95/£87.90

Comp Cabrillo Key Features

  • Vector Wing technology
  • Air foam padding
  • CrMo rails
  • Nylon and glass fiber shell
  • Ritchey synthetic upper with debossed dot pattern
  • 266g
  • €59.59/$59.95/£52.90