1970 Cecil Walker Track with 10 Pitch

One of the many bikes on display at Northside Wheelers is this Cecil Walker track bike. Fitted with one of my personal favorite groups, Dura Ace 10-Pitch, this track machine is very period correct for the time in Australia. In 1975, John Nicholson won the world sprint championships. Then again, in 1976 using Dura Ace’s new 10-Pitch drivetrain.

While he wasn’t on this bike in particular, it still serves as a visual time capsule of the era. Kyokuto pedals, Nitto track stem, ATP bars, Kashimax Five Gold are just a few of the other components and it’s topped off with stencil-painted Cecil Walker branding, something that was relatively new for framebuilders. Japanese technology meets Australian steel. Not a bad combination.

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