Cicli Noe Salsa Track with Campagnolo Pista

There’s something about a classic track bike that makes me get a little trigger happy with my camera. While I was in Tucson for New Years, I swung by Cicli Noe, a small bike shop in South Tucson. I’ve met Noe before over the years at trade shows and the like, so I was stoked to see his shop. As soon as I walked in, we began looking at his collection of vintage frames, including this gorgeous US-made Salsa track bike, with a full Campagnolo Pista group.

Noe exclaimed how he used to have it on display at the front of the shop but later decided to put it in his storage area. This bike is mint. Everything is perfect on this bike. My main question comes down to who made the bike? Ross Shafer built Salsa Cycles frames in the USA, but so did Waterford. Now, Ross was best known for his mountain bikes. I’m sure he built road frames too but track bikes? That’s news to me. Perhaps one of you reading this article will have a better idea.

We’ll look more at Cicli Noe next week, with a recap gallery from Tucson but for now, I wanted to give you this bit of eye candy to feast upon.


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  • mr. apodaca APODACA


  • m burdge

    ‘Scoboni’ is a nickname of Shafer. My guess is it was built by RS.

    • That I did know, but I wasn’t sure if it was something that went on all Salsa frames. Thanks for the confirmation!

      • m burdge

        I’m no authority on Salsa, so take that into account. I am just deducing the provenance from that sticker–and from the gusset at the head tube/down tube junction–that RS built it up. There are plenty of folk you have access to who know better.

  • Brian Boucher

    The stoke is much high on this

  • NoNo

    Thanks, John. Your the man. See you in L.A sometime to ride!

  • chrismoustache

    what a looker!

  • Chris Wagner

    Sweet. If only there were a Salsa Stem.

    • It would change the look for sure.

      • Chris Wagner

        No doubt. Just an awesome ride.

  • Trevor Mills

    This reference might not provide a direct answer to the question at hand, but gives plenty of data to aid speculation :)

    • Trevor Mills

      The frame details and logo kit look a great deal like the Salsa Las Cruces frame I had for years and wish I held on to. It might be time to track down that buyer and see if he’ll sell it back to me …

  • Hell Yeah!!!

  • Kevin Hall

    The “Scoboni” name on the frame and serial number comes from Ross’s (Ross Shafer the founder of Salsa) early bike club days. Everyone thought it would be cool to have Italian names and it Ross became Roscoe became Scoboni.