A Desert Coyote Dark Moon All Road with a Fox AX Fork

Last Sunday brought about the LA Handmade Bike Show and in attendance was LA’s newest frame builder, Carlos from Dark Moon Fab. Along with a hardtail similar to Jimmy’s, and a few road bikes was this all-road featuring the Fox AX “all road” fork. The aluminum frame’s geometry is tuned to run the AX fork, which will offer more compliance when the going gets rough and eat up some of the stiffness aluminum tubesets provide. Stiffness that might be desirable on a road or track racing machine, but might beat you up a bit on rough and rugged roads.

The paint is in actuality cerakote, a ceramic coating that goes on much like paint, but offers a more durable finish than a matte, flat, or semi-gloss wetpaint. Carlos masked off a desert landscape as well as Dark Moon’s branding in the material, making for one slick bike.

Have you ridden the AX fork? What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments!


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  • YaanG

    Looks like my 1995 aluminum hardtail with 50 mm travel is coming back into fashion. With big tires and the shock, the aluminum frame never feels harsh, but I appreciate its lightness. All it needs is a lockout like this Fox has.

  • JimmyMcNulty

    This is freakin rad. Any idea what AL tubing in particular was used?

    • I *think* Dedacciai but I might be making that up. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Carlos Velazquez

        John would be correct Jimmy, this frame is composed of Dedacciai Aegis & Fire main tubing, chain stays, and seat stays.

        • JimmyMcNulty

          Fantastic work across the board Carlos. It’s not often I covet an aluminum bicycle but this makes perfect sense and looks awesome doing it.

  • Was amazing to see IRL. So light, yet strong. Great work by Carlos.

  • W. Bradford Williams

    That’s a really sexy rig. I have really enjoyed my Spesh Sequoia but my eyes have been wandering… in search of something non-carbon but sportier, lighter and that can take the beating off these old man wrists. I know a sus fork doesn’t make sense to some but often after mixed surface rides my wrists are killing. What is the tire clearance?

    • Carlos Velazquez

      These can clear up to 700x 47c, and 27.5 x 2.25, using this fork or any similar in conjunction with large volume tires would definitely help with that, that’s what the goal was for this build, was to help ease rider fatigue on harsh road and trails on 100+ mile rides.

  • Tyson

    I run the AX fork and i truly feel it makes a big difference when the going gets rough or those long days in the saddle https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c24f03459da2a68b7176b2340de05578735f203092824d4f6c0abd03f64c6bc1.jpg

  • Kyle Polich

    Looks great, is the DS chain-stay covered in something protective (thin bed liner or tool grip dip) or is it just paint?

  • Peperbek

    I’ve ridden the AX/short travel xc/all road fork on aluminium hard tails…on my mtb all through out the early and mid nineties…

    • It was 40mm travel fork? We’ve all (hopefully) ridden 90’s-era mountain bikes. I’m more interested in what people think of a 40mm travel fork in this application: a drop bar bike.

  • terriblemcnaughton

    Loving it. What seat is on that sled shred?

  • Phillip Fogg

    Very cool bike! I’m interested in the drivetrain, an XT rear der with road shifters? I dig that Cerakote stuff.

    • bikecow

      Di2 will work between MTB and Road.

  • John Solomito

    Been riding something similar for the last eight months. Funnest bike ever!


    • Patrick Jonathan Neitzey

      Kish Bike FTW!

  • Maxim Kravtsov

    What are the pedals?