Cannondale Track, ORNOT – Nich Barresi

Cannondale Track, ORNOT
Photos by Nich Barresi and words by Byron Anson

After breaking my fork, putting some deep scratches into the head tube paint, and getting a replacement fork from Cannondale that wasn’t going to match, I decided to get my Evo repainted. Choosing color is an agonizing process, but this idea fell into place really easily: early 90’s Cannondale Track’s are on of my all-time favorite bikes, Cannondale Track bike vinyl decals can be sourced from Britain, and the simple lines of the frame would really lend itself to this idea. Besides, ‘classics are classics for a reason.’

The painter, Eric of Burnt Bicycles, is a super rad dude who does work fairly close-by. I'd sent him a couple other frames for carbon repair+repaint and knew he'd kill this. Sure enough, had this frame and a paint matched stem back to me within 2 weeks, recreating the color from scratch.

Polished silver quill stems really go hand-in-hand with the Cannondale track bikes and knowing that Ritchey makes a sick polished cockpit with their Classic series, I couldn't not try it out. It looks so good, simple, and clean up front that I refuse to clutter up the front end with a mount and computer. Carbon seat post because ain't nobody got time for beat-up-booties.

See more at Ornot's blog!


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  • if you arent into this then fuck you.

  • Mashira

    Well done mate! Future/modern/retro in good form always a treat.

  • I’m here for this.

  • Nicholas Petersen

    This is perfect.

  • Scott Atkins

    Really sweet bike! Love the mix of classic style on a modern bike.

  • nothingfuture

    The only thing that might *possibly* make this better is the bike being an actual fixed gear.

    • Byron

      but that exists already!

  • Trevor Martin

    So dreamy!

  • benreed

    I don’t often lust after a carbon frame but here we are.

  • jtbadge

    All proper road bikes have round bend handlebars, silver spokes, and gumwalls. Prime example.

  • SWJH

    Quarq with no computer? What is this sorcery? But seriously, this is so rad.

    • Probably took the computer off for the photos.

      • Byron

        Nah Prolly, Im serious – no computer.
        My strava has been sparse as shit since i’ve owned the bike.

        Someone hook it up with silver Paul cranks

    • jtbadge

      “It looks so good, simple, and clean up front that I refuse to clutter up the front end with a mount and computer. “

      • SWJH

        I meant it as a joke.

  • big Al

    good job man! awesome idea, love it

  • Emory Hancock

    Sauce on the bottle cages?

    • I believe there are several manufactures branding a really similar style: J.Laverack, Axiom “Ripple”, LifeLine, Tufo, etc…

  • bicyclecrumbs

    So rad, but my Cannondale Crest Re-Do with modern crest branding is going to blow this outa the water. Only issue is, with 54 types of toothpaste which style do I go with on the bike? 3d White? Glamorous? Gum Detox Extra Fresh? Pro Health Advanced. Now I know why this project keeps stalling out….

    • It ain’t a competition!

      • bicyclecrumbs

        soooooooooo… Gum Detox Extra Fresh? Im just joking!

    • JB

      Well that was a bit unnecessary..

      • bicyclecrumbs

        Either one of two things is happening here. 1. My dad jokes are so next level dry they don’t hit this demographic anymore. or 2. People fully expect me to build up a Crest Pro Health Advanced modern Cannondale? Im not sure which is worse.

        • Byron

          nah man! I dont know why my comment got deleted, but i cant wait to see how your project turns out!

          I’ve been watching the IG story game from you, actually; from when you said ‘i regretted selling this bike…’ to now. Stoked for you

          edit: go with 3d white box. that purple is FIRE

          • Well, I didn’t delete anything but if enough people flag a comment, it gets pulled. Lemme look into it. :-)

        • JB

          I’m sure your head was in the right place, it just came off a little “yea but look at me”

        • ncoffeeneur

          I think people fully expect you to build this bike…

  • smoovebert

    Daddy likey.

  • Damn that’s a nice bike.

  • Jason Sosa

    So Classy!

  • Woah – so good. I remember staring at this photo for waaaaay to much time back in 2005 when i was first getting into bikes:

  • White Mike


  • DopePedaler

    I’ve always wanted to build a geared bike inspired by the this 90s Cannondale Track, but maybe I could try the green one now. Great job!

  • radlandscyclist

    The bike is rad but that kit is something special also! Great style all around!

  • Chris Valente

    Balleur! Ornot’s entire brand was made for that headline.

  • disqus_6kCY48GGTm

    Love the fatty rims and the gum wall tires – surprised they fit on that frame, what size tires did you put on them?

    • Byron

      im running 25s that are measuring up around 28.
      Judging with my eyeballs…i could prob get 28s in there without much issue.

  • Max

    omg! this is amazing.
    cannondale would be idiots not to make this the production color

    • Rob D

      Max, it’s is a production color currently available on the Synapse SE apex 1 and the Slate

  • Tyler


  • Tyler

    Just curious why there’s a Quarq on there if he’s not using a computer? Did he just take it off for the photos, or is he lying to us? Regardless, this is a sick bike in the best colorway C-Dale’s ever used.

  • Avuncular

    Lovely clean looking bike with a great paint job. Massive bar to seat drop for the young and flexible. :) Like the polished look of the stem/bars, (I did this to my bike including the post ) and I think a polished chainset might look even better on this.

  • Roel

    This color always does the trick. See also Cinelli Laser and a lot of custom steel bikes have this color. Like this Stelbel for example:–classic-mountain-bike.jpg

  • Joao E. R. Bola

    WOW!!! sooo good!

  • A fantastic build, well done and thanks for sharing. Lots of details to look at, but the paint keeps dragging your eye away.

  • Daniel Smith

    I really dig this! Totally a pin-up bike. Really makes me want to repaint my CAAD 10.

  • campos de mantequilla

    I feel like this color should be for Cannondale what celeste is for Bianchi.

  • Kevin J. Smith

    Congratulations – great build. Love seeing rides getting renewed and curating your own style. Modern Classic – well done. You must be into yoga to handle that bar drop, or young.

  • ozren0

    This version really did it for me. The hydro disc makes it super modern, so even more of a juxtaposition.

  • Gordon Ong

    Way to go Byron!!! Pictorial and words!!!

  • benp

    @disqus_uJ5ugxBbDs:disqus Really beautiful, I love it! What’s the seatpost/saddle combo?

  • Daniel Lemke

    Cannondale’s Synapse SE Apex looks quite similar to this. That paint is gorgeous and the silver stem, handlebar, and spokes are a perfect compliment to the blue.