The Northern Frameworks Process – Jarrod Bunk

The Northern Frameworks Process
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

While Minneapolis might not be on everyone’s list for travel plans in the middle of winter, mine was a little bit different.  You see, I wanted to finalize some stuff for an upcoming build of mine.  I took the opportunity while in the fridged midwest to spend some time getting a fit at Angry Catfish catching up with friends, and documenting some of the build processes that go into a custom Northern Frameworks.


Alex Cook started building bike under the name A-Train a few years ago now and honed his craft to the point at which the collaboration with Angry Catfish was born, which is Northern Frameworks.  Each Northern Frameworks is built around custom geometry for the rider and comes in a stock color palette to simplify the process and allow Alex to make his bikes the best they can be.  Tight miters, sharp tungsten and a steady hand are apparent in his welds and a meticulous work ethic which I watched first hand.  I have to admit it was great to watch someone who cares so much about their craft, work. Inside of  Alex’s shop, he has a backlog of builds but keeps the lead times small thanks to the process he’s developed with his time behind the torch.  If you’re interested in your own bike, give him a shout.



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  • AdamBike99

    That was a 2x treat Jarrod!
    Your photos display a high level of craft while documenting Alex’s deft hands and beautifully crafted bicycles. Bravo!

  • California Travis

    Haha that last photo really makes this post.

  • Louis Reilly

    Those are P100 particulate cartridges on his respirator and they won’t help with any welding fumes. Just looking out for his lungs… : )

  • Nice pics!


    Wow, Josh’s Tour Divide rig is gorgeous! Awesome photo set, love the intimate details shown of his build process. I would love to build my own frame some day. Keep up the great work!

  • Fluent In Campagnolo

    Went a little overkill with the dial indicator pictures lol

    • It’s the one thing that he would grab if his shop was on fire. It’s hard to fit that in the flow of the article, but I definitely wanted to point some concentration there, hence the 3 photos. Thanks for the feedback though.

      • Pelex

        Yep…Interapid…swiss-made…checking for runout…Alex gets it.

      • I love sequential / scale shifts like that. It takes you there in detail. Killer set, Jarrod!

  • xeren
  • Charlie D


  • Adam Leddin

    Well, that was awesome. Surely there is no process more satisfying to watch than a bicycle frame being assembled.

  • Poolboy 1.0

    Jarrod! You crushed this set. Alex, it truley is a pleasure to see how dialed your setup and process is.

  • skog_smog

    Excellent photo set in every regard. And REALLY nice geo in the first photo. I wish more of the high-clearance, steel production frames (since I can’t convince my better half that I need full custom) had that kind of headtube length and short reach.

    • You know, I was content for years on stock geo bikes cause I was able to make them work. I am absolutley blown away at just how good my Northern Frameworks is, I’ve never sat on a bike and it just felt right. It’s stiff in the bottom bracket/chainstays in a way I’ve never felt in a steel bike, but so perfectly compliant. It shreds so hard it has me thinking of getting out of all of my stock bikes and persung custom geo for all of my bikes. Here is my bike shorter reach than typical, but worked around some other things I wanted like very little/no spacers, and plenty of space for a framebag/4 water bottles on the main frame. It is built primarily as a single speed for my local trails but I can put a derailleur on it for travel and bikepacking trips.