Jaybe’s Pegoretti-Painted Kirk Frameworks Road

If you had the opportunity to have Dario Pegoretti paint one of your bikes, would you? When Jaybe originally contacted David Kirk about making him a classic road bike, he inquired about just that. At the time, Dario wasn’t interested. Perhaps he was too busy or just didn’t want to. For whatever reason, it didn’t happen, so Jaybe got his bike painted and began riding it every day. We even documented it here on the site. Months later, Dario finally expressed an interest in painting the frame, leaving Jaybe in a bind. Should he send it to him? Or just keep it as-is? I mean, it’d be a tough call for sure, especially with the uncertainty of how Dario would paint the bike. What if Jaybe didn’t like the final product? After much back and forth, Jaybe sent the frame to Pegoretti and a few weeks later, it arrived at his door. The crazy thing is, while Dario had the frame, Jaybe didn’t hear a peep from him.

It was a complete surprise and one that was well worth it, in my opinion…

  • Renato Silvestri

    Better than any Pego. Much better. Best of both worlds.

    • I LOVE the Pegoretti chainstays and head badge, but this Kirk looks so damn good.

      • Renato Silvestri

        It does. I love the Kirk seatstays. Plus, this paint scheme is so nice. I wish I could do these small strokes.

        • David

          Why is this “better” than any Peg? My peg is the greatest bike Ive ever ridden, and it isnt even close.

          • Renato Silvestri

            Yeah. Better Looking in my eyes. I do have that best bike feeling on my bikes, too.

  • Tom Macleay

    Beautiful frame! Great paint. I’ve never seen those brakes before. They look like centerpulls. Cool. What is the mount on the bottom of the toptube for? Pump? C02? Battery? Very nice. Love the classic lines and finishes.

    • I use them on my road bikes. EE Cycle Works. The best calipers I’ve used.

    • Superpilot

      The mount is for a race number :)

  • Mikev

    Gorgeous frame. Particularly love the recurved seat-stays. I’m not familiar with Jaybe, but he has a beautiful bike.

  • Armand

    Sweet. Surprised these custom builders don’t utilize 650b for their smaller road frames.

    • They do when the client requests it.

    • Jäybe Jäybe

      it has 55.5 top tube.. just a really short seat tube for my uber short legs..

  • Beautiful bike, but I can’t help to feel like the colourful frame is let down by a lack of colour pop in the components. Bright hubs, headset, etc. rainbow spokes or at least coloured lead spokes. I could go on. But I guess that’s just me. Either way, it’s a beautiful bike. But wow that’s a small frame. I do very much adore those seat stays though. 👌🏼

    • alex

      Agree- even changed the green King 40th for black hubs. Would love to see how much it would change if the parts made it pop more.

    • Jäybe Jäybe

      I fully understand where you’re coming from – but I only wanted the frameset to shine and had to dull other components.
      But it also has some pops here and there, anodized micro spacers, JAH Paul skewers and Busyman bartape..

      • No need to defend your bike mate, it’s fantastic as is, and as long as it’s what you like, it’s all good. It is your bike after all. I was just merely sharing personal opinion on what I’d do. Besides, I’d never bother commenting, if I didn’t think it was gorgeous to begin with. 🖖🏼

  • Poolboy 1.0


  • John B.

    Preferred the original Joe Bell custom paint which did a better job highlighting the beautiful lug work on this frame. Not sure I could let Dario paint a bike frame however he chooses to paint it. Nevertheless it’s a true one of a kind original on a terrific canvas. Awesome.

  • Bluejaystr

    Damn those headset spacers are dynamite! Are those the same Jimmy used in his AC Big Block? Where do i score some of those?

    • Yep. Not sure. Honestly. I’ve tried to find them. Velo Orange made them years back, but they’re not online anymore.

  • AdamBike99

    Well kick me in the eye, it’s a ‘Dario Kirk’ maaasterpiece!

    I had a good time playing “Find the differences between the two images,” for an added bonus. There’s quite a few, besides the amazing paint jobs. ;-)

    • White Mike

      Like Erotic Photo Hunt? #tapsthethirdnipple

  • sturtlovinggood

    Something about the shallow rims on this particular frame make the wheels look huge, more so than usual on a small 700c bike

  • Daniel Brettschneider

    I don´t get it…these headset spacers are ugly compared to this classic frame. I would also use 25mm or 35mm high Carbon rims and the skinwall tires, he used previously. To increase the effect of the paint, all other parts need to be as clean as possible. My opinion! ;-)

  • Martin Appel

    That is a nice looking Kirk now! I know Dario is open-minded toward other builders’ work, but I’m really surprised he did paint it, he must rate David Kirks framebuilding highly.

    As a matter of fact, that bike is built very similarly to my own Pegoretti which has a white-based chiavete as well – like Jaybe i used gold anodised “Tune” skewers and the same Record seatpin. Case of similar minds think alike maybe :D