Jaybe’s Kirk Frameworks Road with Campagnolo Record 11

I shoot a lot of road bikes and these days, it’s very rare you see one without a 44mm or tapered head tube. Whereas most people that want a steel frame with oversized tubes, Jaybe from Team Too Late wanted something more classic, something that would dance with him as he climbs and descend like a race bike from the 90’s. He spent a lot of time browsing NAHBS galleries, looking at various framebuilders and was attracted to the work of David Kirk, the Bozeman, Montana builder known for his impeccable fillet and lugged frames.

Jaybe didn’t want your typical, straight-tubed frame however. He requested curvy stays and the result is one of the most beautiful road frames I’ve ever photographed. Built with Chris King’s 40th-anniversary olive drab hubs and Campy Record 11, Jaybe’s David Kirk is sure to perform and look damn good while riding in the hills and mountains of Los Angeles.

David from Kirk Frameworks will be at the 2017 NAHBS in Salt Lake City, Utah and personally, I can’t wait to see what he brings with him.

  • Hollis Duncan

    Didn’t realize DK was in Bozeman, anyone know if David fly fishes?

    This frame has always ticked the boxes:


  • Robert Mauriello

    what spacers are them?

    • Michael Baquerizo

      they stopped years ago but velo orange was making these knurled spacers in silver and black. i think i still have a few black ones lying around

  • Fred flintstone

    this bike is great looking. i love the mesh of old and neu scheul. side question: do the speedvagen og-1’s still come with a 1 1/8th headtubes?

  • jon robert

    i just really wish it had a silver stem and handlebar, but that’s probably just me.

    • Robert

      I agree considering the silver headset and post!

  • ??even though it’s way too small. But damn, it’s gorgeous. Is that a blinky light on the rear hub? How does that work.

    • Alan

      It’s a speed sensor for a Garmin.

      • Ah, thanks mate. I don’t use garmins/computers so I never would have realised.

  • nothingfuture

    Re: tapered head tubes- that looks like a pretty small frame (with the associated short head tube…). I’d have thought (purely from a esthetic standpoint) that a tapered head tube that short would look… odd.

  • Richard

    Ahhh… Upside down CK headset. All is well in the world.

    Beautiful frame. Swoopy. Elegant. (I do agree with JR below silver stem/bars would be nice.)

  • Evan Robinson

    veloflexes, delicious

  • Savoldelli

    Dave Kirk does amazing work. And he’s a really solid dude on top of that!
    Love his stainless steel Onesto… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ce5957f8314f6cb66dd6247a7cdf3c69e25b38779f6710f3e11d9d637c36ba9b.jpg

  • It’s sure pretty!

    • Gus

      I’m normally into simple, straight-tubed frames but this bike is something special.

  • FAT999

    I like that….classic construction but totally modern at the same time.
    If I recall correctly, I think the only Kirk I’ve ever seen in Aus was owned by Darrell of Llewellyn Custom Bicycles (IMHO Australia’s best frame builder) which suggests to me that David Kirk is a man that can build a good frame as well as a pretty one.

    • Jäybe Jäybe

      Llewellyn bikes are the business – and this Kirk is built with his lugs :)

      • FAT999

        Yes, I saw on the Kirk website that he uses some Llewellyn lugs. I have a pearl white Llewellyn, similar in color to your Kirk in fact.

  • Meshkat

    I really like this build. Great work.

  • Eric Hancock

    This is an excellent bike.

  • So good to see Dave’s work on this site. He is without a doubt the very best at what he does, and has been a huge inspiration and help for what I do as well. Cheers Dave!

  • Dexter

    One good looking whip!

  • Wouter van Wijk

    those are speedvagen/hetchins kind of seatstays. swirfy. really awesome bike. kind of new age modern retro

    • Andy Moore

      While all three brands have variations on curved stays, I’d hesitate to put them in one class, considering how disparate the end aesthetics are. Speedvagen works a totally different axis (super sexy from the back, not nearly so much from the side), Hetchins mates his curved seat stays into curved chain stays (immediately appreciable from the side), and Mr Kirk pairing his sexy inverted vaguely Hetchins-y curve to a straight chain stay – each deserves its own class in my book.

      Def agree on the awesome front, tho!!!

    • marco primo

      Dave Kirk’s been doing these kinds of stays since his Serotta days…

  • Nicholas Petersen

    Wow, I love this, idiosyncrasies and all.

  • Not_a_troglodyte

    Where are the reflectors? Aren’t the required in California?

  • Benjamin Peacock

    De puta madre!
    Great choice of tyres too.

  • Juan Cool Romance

    Almost perfect build. Love dem stays. Very nice eye for detail. Very nice to everyone involved

  • Lohe Chang

    I believe Dave will bring a gothic webbed fillet brazed beauty to this year’s NAHBS and I will be drooling all over it.

  • Andy Moore

    I sure wish there was a full view shot of this baby from the back, instead of just the seat stay/tube junction!

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