Brooks Cambium All Weather in Stock Now Nov 28, 2017

For those looking to try out the Brooks Cambium “All Weather,” your local shop can now order them. These saddles are comfortable right out of the box, feature solid rails and a nylon back plate with loops for a saddle bag. Head to your local shop to order one today.

  • AJ Tendick

    Aside from the murdered out look I don’t get how it’s different?? Brooks website doesn’t really say either

    • Bil Thorne

      I stole my wife’s and rode it a few times. The top feels a bit different, like it’s coated with something. It’s slicker/slipperier and seems more durable. Might not wear down pants as badly as the original Cambiums supposedly did.

      • Exactly.

        • Fred flintstone

          my first gen c13 is a dissapointed. destroys bibs, nose is already cracking, and isnt really that lightweight comparably. sad!

  • White Mike

    Still waiting for the recall on the original “all weather” version. :-)

    • The top is a different material, which won’t wear down as fast in weather like the old Cambiums.

  • David Watts

    I’m a bit confused. I thought the point of the og cambium was to have an all weather version of the traditional Brooks. I’ve had my c15 for about 2yrs or maybe more and while it does look used it’s still going strong and has a lot of life left in it. It would probably look even better if I gave it a good cleaning. It’s not like I baby it either, while I tend to avoid rain it still has seen its fair share of surprise rain/snow showers and mud.

  • GNARdina

    I understand these saddles aren’t cheap, but realistically I’ve never bought a average saddle and expected it to last a lifetime. If I get 3 years out of a well used saddle, that’s pretty good. I’ve been running Charge Spoons almost exclusively for a few years and I’m happy. Brooks makes good stuff, but the saddle is still just canvas and rubber, you can’t expect it to last the way a thick piece of leather would.

  • My fat Clydesdale ass broke 6 sets of rails and wore through 2 of the old cambiums in about 15,000 miles over less than 3 years. Right away this new generation seems much more durable and only slightly less comfortable, although only time will tell. The look is definitely an upgrade!

  • Smithhammer

    I have two Cambiums. Neither are the “all weather” version. I ride them in all weather anyway.

  • Raymond Walker

    I’m not happy about the rear edge on these… it appears it’s sharper transition, and the fabric doesn’t wrap around as much as the OG Cambiums. It’s already showing wear a week in with light riding…