2017 Philly Bike Expo: No 22 Bikes Stock Complete – Drifter

2017 Philly Bike Expo: No 22 Bikes Stock Complete – Drifter
Photos by Jarrod Bunk, words by John Watson

For those looking for a stock-sized, titanium, made in the USA frame, check out No 22’s latest offering: complete bikes in two weeks. Since 2014, No 22 have been building ti frames in their Johnstown, NY factory and now, you don’t have to wait months for one of these frames. No 22 is offering up frames where no detail has been spared, no corner has been cut, with the only difference being the 8-10 week waiting period has been shorted to two, and as a complete build.

These completes utilize a No. 22 full carbon fork and aluminum stem, both custom painted by Velocolour, No. 22 titanium seatpost, custom finished to match each frame, Complete Ultegra 8000 groupset with mechanical shifting, Reynolds carbon tubeless wheels and Schwalbe tubeless tires and a high five. I added in that last part. The models available are the Great Divide in raw finish for USD $5,999, Great Divide Disc in raw finish for USD $6,799, or the Drifter in raw finish for $6,799.

If you want your No 22 anodized, they do that in house. For paint, they go to Velocolour. Each of their bikes are available in a choice of raw or two different anodized finishes, with the fork, stem and their new titanium seatpost finished to match.

If you’ve got questions, send them to No 22 or drop them in the comments.


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  • That’s a very cool bike! And those are beautiful photos of it Jarrod!

    • Thanks homie! Means a lot coming from you!

      • That 90mm is treating you well dude. Especially on the Bishop!

  • AdamBike99

    Lot’s of swell details on these.
    Titanium welds. Mmm…
    I will never tire of gazing lovingly at fine titanium welds.

    • And those in NY (ex Serotta) guys know how to weld bikes.

  • catnipjunkie

    Just curious: what would the weight be for a build like the one pictured (or size 58)? I have something quite similar but in heavy-as-f steel.

    • My Firefly weighs in around 20lbs but with plenty of non-carbon components. Steel is tough because it runs the gamut of quality. Stuff like Surly will be heavier than Ritchey and the price reflects that.

      • Beau

        After a dozen years in the industry, I can say that all the different materials have one thing in common. They can all be light if you spend enough. I prefer light steel, since it’s still a little easier on the wallet.

    • Mike Smith

      We threw it on a scale for you, and the Drifter pictured exactly above is 19.2 lbs, including cages. The stock Great Divide Disc checks in at 17.7 lbs, and the stock Great Divide with rim brakes is 16.8 lbs, all with a pair of cages.

    • Just weighed my Firefly (titanium 20lbs on the nose with pump, saddle bag, pedals, bottles 27.5 wheels 47mm tires) and my Speedgaven OG1 (steel 17.5lbs with pump, saddle bag, pedals, bottles 28mm tires)

  • Nice looking bike.
    My 20+ year old Cannondale Silk Road. (has a headshock) Aluminum, was about 23 lbs with pedals. Unless you have money to burn or into racing that’s an awful lot of money for a bicycle.

  • MarkP

    I’ve got my heart set on one of the Great Divide’s (probably disc) when i can save up for it in a couple years!

    Love the new titanium seatposts! How much layback available? And what are the anodizing options/upcharge over the base stock price? I saw some sweet gradients on instagram!

    • No. 22_Bryce

      Posts will be 0 and 25mm setbacks to start. We’ll likely be able to adjust the fixturing to allow for a ~17mm setback in the future. Our two-tone Ti finish which we call ‘Raw’ is the stock finish option, 1 color ano and ano fades will be available for an extra cost.

  • No. 22_Bryce

    Thanks for the support as always, guys! Nice shots, Jarrod!

  • Eric Hancock

    I’m glad they don’t offer the Aurora complete with a two-week turnaround; would be too tempting.

    These frames look really good in person.

  • Erik_A

    Pics #17 and 18! Best derailleur hanger detail I have ever seen!

  • kasual

    Really terrific and great shots, Jarrod.

    The anodizing and that seat stay bridge on the 22s always get me.

  • Darryl Williams

    I’ve been riding a No 22 Reactor for a year now. It astonishes on each and every ride….

  • Clay

    Can you still get the drifter without the additional new graphics in Raw Finish ?

    • No. 22_Bryce

      All 2018 models will be offered in: Raw, 1 color ano, premium ano (as shown).

  • Daniel A Bare

    Will Di2 be an option with 2 week delivery?

    • No. 22_Bryce

      Hi Daniel –
      For now, the stock program will be mechanical only. We’re considering adding Di2 once we see how things play-out with the program.