Alberto Masi and the Vigorelli Velodrome – Brian Vernor

Alberto Masi and the Vigorelli Velodrome
Photos and words by Brian Vernor.

The Red Hook Crit is in Milan for the final race of the 2017 championship series. This race exceeds expectation every year I go. This year we once again had a private pre-race track day at the legendary Vigorelli Velodrome. In the velodrome itself is Alberto Masi’s frame shop, which I visited with many other racers and fans. His crew brought out some vintage bikes and dernies to run on the track. It was an amazing day blending cutting edge contemporary racing with the timeless spirit of Italian Cycling. Much thanks to Trimble Racing and the Red Hook Crit. Now, to the races…


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  • This is the coolest! #🆒

  • NagroDom

    “EARLY BIRD” — Love it.

  • maxgralph

    Beautiful work.

  • The lighting in this is so good it looks fake!

  • caliente

    lookit those boards in #1! wow! really cool photo.

  • Rye Young

    Why is the fork reversed on that track bike?

    • Gary Sullivan

      It is for motorpaced racing behind the big motors. Reversed fork and smaller front wheel moves the rider closer to the wind shadow of the motorbike rider.

      • Kevin Mitchell

        They still have stayer racing on the 6 day race circuit but they race on conventional bikes. I read recently that they are having problems because the stayers are getting up past retirement age and there’s no one to replace them.

      • Rye Young

        Thanks! Love the history of Track!

  • Dain Zaffke

    Crazy good stuff, Brian!