Outside Magazine Takes on NAHBS Mar 23, 2017

Photo by Jim Merithew

I love seeing non-cycling oriented or specific news sites covering an event like NAHBS. Jim from Outside Magazine has a great gallery up, including a behind the scenes look at me in the thick of documenting balleur bikes! Head on over to Outside to see more!

  • JScriv

    Something very refreshing about how and where he chose to shoot each of the bikes featured.

    • It’s like how I used to shoot them four years ago. I dig it!

  • Mauro Tittoto

    those must be some new gyroscopic wheel

  • FireUrEngine

    John, your photos are much better quality than Outside magazine.

    • I like Jim’s photos a lot. They’re creative and way different from all the other shots at NAHBS, but I appreciate your compliment too! :-)

      • Gus

        I’ll second the compliment, but also impressed how many different carpets & floors Jim managed to find to match the bikes!

      • FireUrEngine

        The context is nice, but his photos are too dark.

  • Hollis Duncan

    Who taught you this John? I’m intimidated by flash and I think a Kevin (Leica guy?) on insta said you use two flashes with shutter speed trickery to murder out the room. It’s amazing to me how black the room can go while the bicycles have so much pop. Just curious as you were shooting photos outside at high noon one year and the next year your shit was dialed.

    • I started using off-camera flashes to shoot outdoor bike portraits and when I figured out the HSS trick indoors, it just kinda evolved from there.

  • I really enjoy getting even the smallest glimpses into your process for shooting amazing photos John. Also, very cool exposure from Outside the bike industry (pun intended).

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