Danny’s Independence MUSA Cannondale CAAD5 Road

Independence, California is the portal to Onion Valley road, one of the many climbs in the Lone Pine to Bishop corridor. Like Horseshoe Meadows and Whitney Portal, Onion Valley goes, straight up in the Eastern Sierra mountains. If you’d like to step back into the archives on the Radavist, Ryan Wilson has documented this area thoroughly. While shooting Team Dream’s new Spring apparel line, I took the time to document each of the road bikes the guys were riding. These are these rider’s own road bikes. They’re not props. Nor were they sent in from the companies for some web-time.

Danny Heeley works at the Cub House part time. He’s a track racing national champ – holla! – and loves British comedy. He bought this, Made in the USA CAAD5 from eBay a while back and built it up with a hodgepodge kit of Ultegra and Dura Ace. Then Sean gave him the Mavic wheels and viola, this beaut is on the road again.

We were staying around the corner from the famous Independence, California USPS and I couldn’t think of a better locale to shoot this bike.

  • charlesojones

    Love the forays into the Eastern Sierra and OV. A great place to explore on the bike. Road bike, gravel bike, mountain bike, fat bike… There’s something for everyones tastes there.

  • Brett Scheepers
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  • Benjamin Peacock

    “Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, DAAAAAAAANNNN!!!”
    Nice bike mate. From one onetime national track champ (Scottish) to another. (If you like British comedy, I sincerely hope you’ve found time for Alan Partridge)
    Regards, Ben

  • The post office shot with the full building is THE BOMB.

    • jtbadge


      I’ve been waiting to see this bike outside of Instagram and up close for a long time – that shot really tied everything together nicely!

  • Fantastic bit of kit.

  • Eric Hancock

    Great bike. Also love seeing people on the bikes being featured here.

  • Zack Uchovsky

    Love the CAAD5 although I turned mine into a single speed city commuter


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  • Alex B

    Did someone say amerigasm? I’ve since sold this, but ride another CAAD5 and they’re totally worth the modern treatment. Great pics!


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  • Sean Fleming

    The colors and location of this shoot are spot on. I love seeing classic rides brought to life. I have no doubt they perform just as well as their carbon progenitors–this CAAD5 especially.

  • Justin Spinelli

    I think that was mine or Fabio Sacchi’s. Anyone know where the frame came from? – Justin Spinelli

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