Soakin’ in Sierra Nevada at Giro’s Grinduro

Has it really been a year already? A full year since Giro’s Grinduro debuted in Quincy, California. Grinduro is a 63 mile route through Sierra Nevada – you know, those rad mountains, not the beer – with four timed segments. There’s a fire road climb, a fire road descent, a road time trial and a ripping section of singletrack. The event takes place on Saturday, but many people make it a weekend endeavor. Mostly because if you’re going to drive all the way to Quincy, you might as well stay a while. It costs money to race, but all proceeds from the event go to support the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. If it weren’t for their organization, or the volunteers, this event would have never taken off like it has.

Set in the Quincy Fairgrounds, the layout of the event stayed mostly the same. There were car camping spots, RV spots, a marketplace, food vendors and plenty of places to party.

Garrett and Clark

Last year, the vehicle of choice was a ‘cross bike with a fat tire but this year, a large portion of the field chose to ride a mountain bike, thinking it’d give them an advantage over the other competitors on the singletrack. People have called Grinduro a 90’s mountain bike race and it’s a suitable title. This ride / race / party is not easy. With two hard climbs and rutted, rugged roads, it’ll take a toll on your body and mind if you’re gettin’ bucked all over on a ‘cross bike. Yet, the road time trial is sure to burn your legs out, just in time for lunch. Luckily, the timed segment format means there’s lots of socializing and partying happening on course when you’re not being timed. Just the kind of distraction necessary to make it through the day in one piece!


Our trip began in Los Angeles and took us up the 395, providing ample time for some R&R along the way. Hot springs, California country cookin’, bourbon and BB guns filled our days leading up to the event. It was the perfect disconnect prior to diving into a full two days worth of work. After all, with a field twice the size of last year’s event, I was eager to see what Giro had planned for this magical weekend in Quincy, California. Of course, I wasn’t disappointed.

Many, many thanks to Giro, the event sponsors and the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship!

  • It was great seeing you out there @theradavist. Work hard. Play harder. Thanks for capturing the trail roast.

  • Kawika Samson

    Great pics. Such an epic event. Great meeting you all!

  • Marcus Granberry

    Great seeing you out there bud!

  • Scott

    So grateful for this event, thanks to all!

  • Helluva weekend in the woods. Great stuff as usual John!

  • nateking

    “You’re normally a handsome guy, but you look like shit, man.”

    Love it.

  • Bob Guerrero

    Awesome photos! That was one hell of a weekend!

    • It’s my favorite event for sure. The drive to / from is amazing too!

      • Bob Guerrero

        What route did you take back? I tried to go through South Lake Tahoe and over Monitor Pass but it ended up being closed. Rolling over Ebbets Pass was pretty insane though, you could get lost on trail forever back there.

        • 395 up and out along the 70 on the way back – I like to detox from Grinduro in Santa Cruz each year. :-)

  • markosajn

    Was looking forward to this… great stuff as always! I really have to try and save some money for next year!

    We have a similar thing going on in Europe as well:

  • Joshua Corben

    Great pics. So stoked Josh and I made the gallery for 2nd year in a row. Hope to see you at gravel mob in ojai.

  • spencer harding

    wizard colin in #61 love that dude!

    • He was picturesque!

      • spencer harding

        Gotta get that #lightbro when he sparks up with the magnifying glass

  • David Dang

    La Luz rules!

  • geoff.tewierik

    I’d love to do something like this, chucking it on the bucket list.

    The lack of lichen on the bottom 1m or so of the trees, #64, that’s a snow level thing yeah? I seem to recall something form last year.

  • stateofnonreturn

    Buckeye Hot spring look rather healthy! The creek had eaten up quite a bit of it earlier this year.

  • jtbadge

    What’s that purple canti bike in #42? Speaking to my soul!

  • Matt O’Donnell

    Totally bummed I got sick and couldn’t make it up. Cycling FOMO is real. Oh well, next year I guess.

    • DopePedaler

      i was wondering why I didn’t run into you!

  • marc marino

    super good time. bummed i couldn’t hang around longer. so many homies were there that i didn’t even see!

  • Robert Mead

    amazing, what is the frame bag on the red ritchey?

  • noob_sauce

    Looks so much fun! Congrats to everyone!

  • Nealipo

    Great coverage. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • Caitlin Ford

    I want to do this next year!! I’m happy to see you snapped a picture of Suzaki-san and the other dudes from Japan. Awesome photos-

  • Scott

    Of course Zabriskie would be rockin the Floyd’s jersey!

  • Great pics. Bummed I missed this. Next year…

  • C.Silver

    Tell us more about the fork on that OPEN UP

  • George


  • Cicla Valley

    Man. This state has too much…

  • Serina Torres

    Wow, amazing gallery. So inspired by this event; definitely going to challenge myself for this next year! What an awesome way to put my new 90s Trek into use! Congrats to everyone on their big accomplishment and thanks John for sharing!

  • Chris Thomas

    I wasn’t there but I know this amazing band performed. Bikes, beer, food, and La Luz. Must have been an amazing day.

  • Justin Kee

    john – who makes the jersey in 91?

  • Daniel Chavarria Estrada

    What bike did you use for Grinduro?