Inside / Out at Stinner Frameworks

These days, Stinners are everywhere, even all over the pages of this website and while it might feel like some kind of marketing conspiracy, with loads of money exchanged and bathtubs filled with gold coins, I can assure you it’s not. Since I moved to Los Angeles, I see more Stinners on the road and in the trails. Rightfully so, seeing as how their shop is located in Santa Barbara, just 90 miles north of LA and yeah, they make some pretty stellar bikes.


Life wasn’t always ombré faded road frames and crazy camo paint for Aaron though. In fact, the last time I visited him during the AMGEN Tour of California, he was working out of his garage, building frames one by one and riding bikes when he could.


Then something changed. Aaron felt that in order to truly bring US manufacturing back to the States, that framebuilders have a duty to raise the bar and up their production. He began looking for spaces and settled on Goleta, a small town just North of Santa Barbara. He landed a space, half studio and half workshop and began hiring.

Tiger Camo Stinner Road

Now Stinner employs a number of talented individuals, all of whom offer something not only important but essential to the equation. These craftsmen each work a 9-5 job making cyclists’ dreams come true. Whether its a monster cross or a SRAM eTap road bike, the team at Stinner has streamlined the process of designing, fabricating and painting bicycles. There’s even a custom wheelbuilder sharing the space.

John from Jones Wheels

John Jones builds wheels by hand in the studio for both his and Stinner customers.

James is a master designer and sprayer.

With in-house paint and design controlled by James Bellerue, Stinner’s game really upped the ante, yet as we all know, paint only masks the craftsmanship and in this case, Carlos, aka the Alloy Wizard has been laying down some mean beads!

Carlos welding

These two are only part of the team at Stinner. Aaron works with everyone to make sure the production is rolling smoothly. He’s also working on designing new bike models, one of which you’ve seen already with Kyle’s Red, White and Blue 27.5 ‘cross bike. Others include production road frames and a 27.5+ hardtail, my primary purpose of this visit.

There’s more to come and again, sorry if it feels like there’s a ton of Stinners on the site as of late, I just really admire what Aaron is doing and yeah, he is my local builder now! If you’re in Santa Barbara or LA and want to check out Stinner Frameworks, give Aaron and the boys a holler.

  • Great stuff, i love the group of domestic frame builders that are streamlining their process to make handmade bicycles more accessible. I really feel like handmade bikes are in the midst of a renaissance and could not be more excited about it. For someone like me who can’t swing a fully custom frame at this point, production small batch frames were the answer (I’m an east coaster, recently built a Wraith Hustle and am STOKED). Thanks for posting John, looking forward to more on builders doing this.

  • Anthony Turner

    Here’s to more Stinners being on the site! Don’t apologize for beautiful craftsmanship.

  • AdamBike99

    *Chris Bellerue(?)
    I love a success story like this one. And those finishes… Boinggg!

    • He goes by James

      • AdamBike99

        Okay, just had trouble finding him as “James” when I went to follow him on the ‘gram. 8-)

  • Nate-o


    John Jones is great! Fantastic wheel builder and a really good all around mechanic too.

  • professorvelo

    “…a number of talented individuals, all of which offer…”, all of *whom* offer. Just sayin’. Other than that, the Stinners are straight gangster and that’s how you roll.

    • Man, my writing was / is horrid today. Thanks for catching that.

      • professorvelo

        That was just an error, not horrid writing. Besides, I think most people will overlook such things because the content is so good. Keep it up.

  • Froste

    Awesome gallery. Looks like you get about a 2:1 gear ratio with the eagle. Would think you would want/need something larger in the front?

  • Dexter

    Looks an amazing place to work – plus the trails you get to ride and the light you guys get over there looks incredible. Great shots

  • YoungG

    hey look you guys a stinner on the radavist.

  • Natalie Pitts

    Is John getting a 27.5+ Stinner hardtail…?

    • Nah, I’m just helping them design / develop one.

      • Natalie Pitts

        Still rad.

  • Sretsok

    Their branding is so bitchin’. Beautiful bikes.

  • that Dustin Klein Signature Acetone Bottle. :)

  • Kyle

    Holy cow…Photo #31!! Los Padres?

  • Brad

    Awesome Gallery. Love seeing companies like this grow.

  • kermitonwheels

    Lights out and Layers are stunning.

  • edselroamstheearth

    It ain’t just branding they’re good at. I own one of their Gibraltar’s and it’s a great bikes and they offer fabulous and personal customer service. It feels like they like their jobs, as it should be.