A 4th of July Red White and Blue Stinner Frameworks Monster ‘Cross

Cue the speech from Independence Day, mashed up with Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA with a few fireworks and explosions, playing on a bluetooth speaker aboard a Ritchey from the 90’s (any one will do, just not those Lite Beam frames.) That was what inspired the newest from Stinner Frameworks and Golden Saddle Cyclery.

When I returned from Spain with that Monster Cross Crema Duo, rolling on 27.5 wheels and Maxxis tires, Kyle’s eyes opened wide, sparking a conversation. “Do you like those wheels?” Or something of that nature. After a few rides together, he called Aaron at Stinner, just as they were about to get started on his ‘cross bike and told them to hold off on design and construction. The following few days were spent problem solving how to fit that size tire and a traditional 1x crank. It ain’t easy and there isn’t Boost available for road / cross yet, making it difficult to get the chainstay clearance you need.

Why would you want those wheels anyway? See, Kyle and myself enjoy riding our ‘cross bikes on singletrack and dirt roads probably more than racing itself. What is essentially an XC tire fits in with this riding more, especially in LA, where the sandy and loose trails need as much rubber contact as possible. With a tubeless tire, you can run a low pressure and still have a large contact patch. So the 27.5 platform allows that, with some extra cushion too, but it’s nice to have an option to race. That’s what’s so versatile about a bike like this. It’ll fit a 700 wheel with up to a 45mm tire for racing ‘cross or it’ll fit a 27.5″ mtb wheel for thrashing trails and fire roads. The bottom bracket is designed to ride similarly with either wheel size. Coupled with the SRAM 1x system and its 10-42t cassette, you don’t spin out while you’re riding to the trail either. For wheels, I’ve been riding the WTB Horizon Road Plus system on my Firefly on and off, so I wanted to let Kyle get some time in on it too.

Kyle's Red White and Blue Stinner Monster Cross

So what about that paint? Well, why not? That frame is made in the USA and today is the 4th of July! Stinner’s in-house design and paint team killed it with this one. My mind was blown when I saw this one…

Enjoy your 4th!

  • Julien

    top top top

  • Noel Smith

    Rah, rah, Amerikah! Hot stuff.

  • kohwawa

    Still waiting for that bloody chainring…

  • sturtlovinggood

    Too bad these didn’t come in a 40-tooth: http://44rn.com/projects/aamerica-edition-144n-chainring-series/

    • We’re doing 38t, 40t and 42t in the cross rings

      • Ryan”Puffy”Combs

        I can’t wait to snag one or two when they’re available.

      • Callum

        I was wondering if they were still in the works, any clues on when they will appear?

  • Stumpjumper 29R

    That is one Sexy Beast !!

  • mrbiggs

    This bicycle is proof that America is clearly the greatest country in the history of the universe. Hooray!

  • Andrew Suzuki

    ‘murica! and it isn’t a ritchey!

  • AaronBenjamin

    So good to see this one built up! Killer bike Kyle, let’s ride soon!

  • Sirasam

    Is that the Enve CX fork? I’m running Pacenti DL31 650b rims on my Stinner with the TRP CX fork, and I’ve had some issues with clearance. 2.1 Nano on the front, 43 Rock n Road on the rear.

    With the 1x crank, I’m guessing Stinner was able to make the chainstays wider (and perhaps longer) for better clearance, but it looks sooooo close on the front.

    I had a great time running that setup for about a month, but I ended up ruining my fork when I stumbled through a muddy off road section and the mud built up on the tire and rubbed on the inside of the fork. If it is the Enve CX fork, I think it has similar clearance to the TRP CX fork, and I’d be a bit concerned about a similar situation happening.

    As an aside, Stinner did not design my cx bike to be used for 650b, it was my own gamble that ended up being an expensive learning experience.

    • Yeah, ENVE CX Fork. There’s more than enough clearance for the tires. I’ve been running the same setup on my Crema and it’s fine. The TRP fork looks nice, but doesn’t have anywhere near the clearances the ENVE or Whiskey forks have.

      • Jack

        Wait, your Crema?? How many bikes do you own?

      • Sirasam

        Dang, I must have missed something along the way, because I thought the Enve CX fork used to be listed at 40mm max, but sure enough their site shows 45mm now. The internal routing on the TRP is pretty slick, would be nice to have that clearance though.

      • Marco

        Is that the Enve CX QR or the TA fork?

    • Brian Richard Walbergh

      Also the DL31s should make already wide tires even wider. A narrower rim could make a difference, maybe, almost, some times.

      • Sirasam

        Very true, probably, more than likely, didn’t help my situation.

  • usurp123

    awesome bike! celebrating america sucks: no to slavery, no to colonialism, no to genocide: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/04/opinion/did-a-fear-of-slave-revolts-drive-american-independence.html

  • This is amazing! Nice work to all involved!

  • usurp123

    go imperialism!

  • Erik Rozendaal

    What a bike! Monstercrossers rule!!

  • Now that’s one fine ass monster’licious setup! Heh, such disdain for them beam bikes. I had a custom fab’d fillet brazed one back when I was a teen in (in 93-95), and it took me to many podium finishes. I guess it it worked for some!

  • Sretsok

    I’m guessing there’s no chance that rear wheel setup would fit in my Macho King? Because this would be rad as hell.

  • Nicholas Petersen

    The blue valve stems look so pro. Also, #13 is such a good photo.

  • boomforeal

    “The bottom bracket is designed to ride similarly with either wheel size.”

    can you elaborate on this; is it eccentric or otherwise adjustable?

    • ABW

      Outside diameter of those two wheel sizes (depending of course on tire size as well) will be pretty close to each other, so BB height stays the same or close enough for most riders. BB drop is a function of the frame and fork, so that doesn’t change either.

  • Jeff Haye

    I would be tempted to lick that bike. So good. BTW, need one of those Good ‘Ol Golden Saddle stickers…


    Of all the incredible bikes I have seen on The Radavist, this one takes the cake. By far my favorite. Congrats, Kyle!! Just when I was satisfied with my Gravel build……..

  • Bart Haddock

    Whats up with the tape over the seatpost decals?

  • Richard Evans

    What is that on the brake cable? Looks like adjusters on Sram Hydro levers???

  • Gordon Watt

    I really like the look of this. So much so that I popped some 27.5″ wheels in my Van Dessel G&T to see if I could build it up as a bike packing rig.

    Front clearance was fine – 2.1 Ground Attack was the smallest 27.5 tyre I could find locally – but there was a bit of chainstay rub under flex at the rear. I can’t find any 27.5 tyres with tread in the 45-50mm range – I’m hoping they might start to appear as more folk try and cram extra rubber into their cross bikes, so I’m back to running a 41mm Knard on 700c for now, until I can pick up something in the 45-48mm range in either 700c or 27.5. I also tried a 26×1.75 small block (off my 10yo daughter’s CX bike) and it cleared fine, despite the smaller diameter running closer to the shaped chain stays.

    Interestingly, there was a post yesterday from SRAM where somebody in the UK was running 45c WTB Riddlers on a Warbird, but I can’t find a UK source for the 45c Riddlers…

  • Crow’s Owner

    Nice Ride John- Is it possible to run a bigger front chainring? I am having Moots make something similar but I am hoping to make a road steed as well. Thinking a 10-42 with a 48 tooth.

  • Brent Kyono

    Digging this one up because I still love it and I still want to build one for myself. Happy Fourth!