2014 Amgen Tour of California: Stage 05 – Pismo Beach

I’ve been looking forward to this stage since the first time Rapha North America and I discussed doing the Tour of California again. Why? Because Stage 05 ends in Santa Barbara, home to one of my favorite dudes / frame builders, Aaron of Stinner Frameworks.

Our plan was to get into town super early and hit a quick road ride before waiting at the KOM for the Hot Boyz of PRO Cycling to crest. Well, when you’ve been on the road for around a week, plans get shuffled around a bit.

We got to town late, like four hours late, but we quickly assessed the race via the ATOC app and figured we could hammer it up Old San Marcos road to the KOM in time.

Side note: I was over shooting frame builders in their studio, so it was nice getting Aaron out onto a bike. If only I could do this for every “shop visit”…

After literally hammering it up to the top, the breakaway group summited, then the peloton and eventually, the stragglers. The temps were up in the high 90’s and it was hot, hot, hot.

20 miles and 2800′ elevation later and we were ready to hit the road…

Read more in the captions!

  • Bradley Tompkins

    Can I please get a cap!!!??? So bummed that I couldn’t be there for the race. Awesome photos and commentary makes it easier though!

    • Seriously, go to that cafe and get the one on the deer!

      • Bradley Tompkins

        I am in Mississippi…..:(

  • Matt Long

    So good, John! Inspired to get ATOC of these days. Aaron looks tall, like me. Not many of us on roadbikes!

    • 6’4”! Thats why us tall guys need custom bikes! Taylor Phinney took one for the tall guys yesterday. That kid is standing at 6’5” now!

      • Matt Long

        Ya, saw the last 10k . Was sick. I’m his height and yes, custom bike would be amazing. Read that he weighs 180-184 ish. Hard to believe anyone in the peloton weights that much. YESSSSS for the tall dudes. Lol.

      • Matt Long

        First thing I did this morning as open up radavist. Image one (crotch shot) had me spitting coffee all over keyboard. Just being casual checking ur phone. haha..

  • Great stuff!! Really enjoying the daily coverage from the tour, keep it coming!

  • David

    Aaron fucking rules. this is rad. I need my Stinner. I need that climb.

  • Keith Gibson

    Great stuff, really enjoying this coverage!

  • David

    Also I cannot wait for Stinner logo kits.

  • Great set! So sad I couldn’t make it home to see this stage.

  • Public_Parent

    #45 is a killer photo!

  • sygyzy

    Great pictures John. It’s great to see favorite sites from my own backyard (San Marcos, Cold Springs Tavern, etc) in pictures. Are you shooting with the Fuji? Glad to have you in town. Are you following the whole Tour?

  • Spencer Olinek

    The caption on #25 just brightened my day.

  • Jamie McKeon

    #45 is one of the best i’ve seen on here in a long while