A Weekend at SoCal Cross – Julio Boostamante

A Weekend at SoCal Cross
Photos and words by Julio Boostamante

Julio Boostamante, You know… the local Socal photo dude from Compton that shows up at the Wolfpack Hustle races, local Fixie Crits and snaps a bazzilion pics of all the action. Yeah, well now you can also find me Fredding it up at the Socal Cross Races. Why? Well, because I decided it was a good idea to suffer for 40 mins on a bike.

I’m way more comfortable and less sweaty behind the lens but you know what? Something about racing cross and finishing is well, rewarding. The beauty of it is that anyone can do it. Yes, even me as an out of shape photographer. You should try it sometime! Lots of suffering will be had at these events on any giving weekend but also, lots of good times with awesome people can be had. For me it doesn’t get any better than that! Did I mention you get to drink beer in the park? Yeah, just don’t let the Park Ranger find out.

If you’re crazy enough, you can also do the course fixed in the annual Tracklocross race like some of the local fixed gear homies did. Sounds insane I know but I promise you, it’s more fun than scary. Well for us to watch anyway.

Check out the photos to see what all the weekend fuss was about and keep the heckling loud and the beers cold at the next Cross event!


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  • barry mcwilliams

    Hey John,
    Is there a photoset on this post? If so, doesn’t seem to be loading.

    • Fixed! Something wasn’t working this morning. Sorry!

  • Andrew Luca

    I’m a fan of this look. What type of film is this?

    • Julio bustamante

      Shot with NIkon DF and Sigma 35mm Art Lens.

      • Andrew Luca

        Thanks! These are great shots!

  • Drew Mabry

    Julio you slayed this set – awesome. #Burritopower

    • Julio bustamante

      Tacos / Burritos are what keep me going and out of shape ;)

      • Drew Mabry

        It’s how the Pros do it.

  • Josh Siegel

    Nice shot of Dorothy; her consistent work on the series has really made the SoCal cross community imho.

    • Nils-Erik Hilliard

      YES! Dorothy rocks!

    • AaronBenjamin

      Dot is the BEST!

  • jesselash

    Is that a fixed gear field??

    • “tracklocross” – it’s in the copy.

  • awesometown

    This is probably the best dressed cyclocross race I’ve ever seen.

  • where was the race?

  • Ian Stone

    These people are smiling way too much for a cross race

  • Nils-Erik Hilliard

    Awesome Julio!! So glad to be able to ride with you– you’ve taught me lots about bikes, life, and cameras. And you take rad photos :)

    • Julio bustamante

      Thanks! But i’m trying to get on that Nils Level. You know, the race with a cargo bike, make tacos at camp coffee level.
      I’m stoked to have you as one of my bike homies. You and all the others is what makes riding bikes RAD!

  • That Waterford…

    • Julio bustamante

      It’s stupid nice! like, fo real!

      • Patrick Walker

        And you sir! Thanks for the beautiful pictures! I’m so happy you got your pictures up here.

    • Patrick Walker

      Kristofer, I’m the dude who owns it. It’s been my dream for many years to own that bike and it’s really an honor to call it mine. i just got it maybe 2 weeks ago. Thanks for the shout out. I can promise you I ride the hell out of it as often as I can.

      • AaronBenjamin

        Hey, I saw that bike! It’s gorrrrgeous!

  • Smithhammer

    I’m surprised I’m saying this, but those pics actually make me miss SoCal. There’s a distinct vibe that comes across in those images, that reminds me of all the good times riding bikes in my youth. Thanks for taking me back there, Julio. m/

    • Julio bustamante

      Anytime! ;)

  • Nils looks like he has a big head (no offense, Nils). I have a big head, too. I wonder, what helmet is he wearing here? it looks like it fits great and I’m in the market, and my big ol’ noggin is making things difficult!

    • Nils-Erik Hilliard

      I do have a big head (no offense taken) so finding a helmet that fits is a challenge. John’s right on about it being the Atmos II, this is the best-to-my head fitting helmet I’ve found yet. You might also look at the Lazer Z1, seemed to fit just as nice when I tried it, but $$…

      • Drew Mabry

        I am 6’6 280 and have a huge head – Lazer Z1 here. $$$ but love it and use it every day

      • Thanks Nils!

    • GT

      I have a big head too–and one model I found that fits is the Giro Hex XL. (note it has to be the XL model)

  • AaronBenjamin

    This was a great event! Awesome work, you got some truly great shots here Julio.

  • Kyle Deven

    I hope this photo of Nils is the calendar shot for Jan 2016. Starting off the year right with some good vibes?! Huh? Yeah? :)

  • Matt Rumora

    great photo set!!!

  • hans

    rad julio!