The Dirty Kanza Transforms People May 28, 2015

People like Derek Wilson are transformed every year at the Dirty Kanza 200. Check out this video to find out how. That race looks like so much fun. See the other four videos at the Dirty Kanza Youtube channel.

  • breed007

    This race is in a really surreal part of the country. It’s not your typical Midwest gravel. Gotta try to make it out.

  • These are really great! I used to do the Flint Hills Death Rides back in the ‘old days’…. the profiles are so great in combination with knowing the Flint Hills. Truly the first time I’d ever experienced complete silence. Bizarre and so cool!

  • Ultra_Orange

    building for next years half-pint, but maybe I’ll go for the full, It’s sad that one of the founders passed recently really cool dude.