Speedvagen Surprise Me Rugged Road with Campagnolo EPS 11

For one of this year’s new paint designs, Sacha White of Vanilla / Speedvagen worked with Japanese customer and brand buddy, Masashi Ichifuru, or Ichico as he’s called by friends. Ichigo initially helped Sacha design their Speedvagen National Kit for Japan.

When asked to describe the end result, Sacha White relayed the following:
“What he designed was quintessentially Japanese insofar as it had aspects that were refined and represented high craft, but it also had all of this killer, super cute Japanese pop culture vibe.”

The resulting kit that Ichico designed was a pattern of text alternating between Katakana and English, spelling out Speedvagen in the two alphabets. Mix in Speedvagen’s signature colors and it was so good it had to make its way on a bike frame, resulting in a visual representation of where Speedvagen is right now.

This Surprise Me paint scheme will make an appearance during this year’s CX season and it won’t be alone. Speedvagen will be releasing the desesign in new colors, that will be accompanied by some very special, traditional Japanese goods.

On to the build itself, we’re looking at a Rugged Road model, which is essentially a road bike with larger clearances and disc brakes. This particular bike was built using ENVE, Chris King bits and Campagnolo EPS 11 speed. Some notes of interest are the battery charging port at the bottom bracket cluster, the newly-designed Speedvagen disc dropout and that elegant seatpost topper.

On a personal note, this was one of my all-time favorite bikes from Vanilla…

  • Tyler Morin

    oh my, this bike is an absolute stunner, despite the new hideous design of the campagnolo cranks.

    • Yeah, not a fan of those cranks… yeeeeeikes.

      • Richard Smith

        I don’t know man, maybe on the right bike… It’d definitely need to be Batman themed, though

    • Chris

      Agreed. I feel like component makers are in an arms race to produce the ugliest cranks.

      • Jonathan McCurdy

        With FSA SLK leading the pack.

        • David

          And the new Dura Ace being the least ugliest?

          • Ultra_Orange

            Hate the new dura ace, I now it’s performance designed but with that huge gap in the chainring opposite of the crank arm drives me nuts. I’m glad I can’t afford the not hotness, the old stuff treats me right.

    • Tony Clifton

      That whole group is fugly! Tullio must be rolling over in his grave.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    YES. Yes on Spyres (but why not SLCs on this build?) Yes on Look S Tracks.

  • STW

    Rad bike, rad paint, rad components. But the black spiral wrap which joins the EPS wiring and cable housing in the head tube region is pretty bad looking…how about heat shrink next time? Or running it internal?

    • Jonathan Raspa

      The spiral wrap is so that you don’t have to try to slice open heat shrink and risk nicking an EPS wire. So that the bike can be worked on by a mechanic, rather than just looked at. ;-)

      • STW

        Of course…but, there are nicer electrical wraps out there. That is a pretty weak wrap! Grrrr!!

        • You’re so angry, do you even ride bikes? ;-)

          • STW

            The final blow!!! I bow out….

          • I just want people to be stoked on bikes, not nit-picking them all day. xoxox

          • STW

            but practically every post in the comments section of any given radavist article has a nit-pick…just sayin’ we’re a fussy bunch

        • Ultra_Orange

          lol, I was thinking how much I like the spiral how I might use it to manage cables on one of my hobo rides.

  • Rudy Verner

    Thanks for the kind words, Radavist. This is actually my Rugged Road and I couldn’t be happier. The TRP Spyres are stand-ins until Campy releases its disc road set up. Otherwise this build rocks and The Vanilla Workshop did a killer job as usual.

    • Peperbek

      I really love the bike. Looking at the components you chose it must be a hell of a ride. What tires are using on this bike if I may ask?

      • Rudy Verner

        Compass Stampede Pass, which I have been very impressed with so far.

        • Mitch Lomacz

          Compass tires are fantastic! And I definitely know a thing or two about tires…

    • Kane

      Hi Rudy, how
      Are you finding the TRP’s? I also have an SV in the works and was hoping to use Campy EPS

  • docfink

    Question: The Surprise Me scheme on Facebook shows a gray/white base color. Why is this one blue?

    • Rudy Verner

      I requested an extra layer of surprise

  • Kyle Campbell

    Viola, that’s like a big violin, right?

    • Dew Ber

      Yeah but it’s better cuz the way you play it, you can pretend it’s your wiener.

  • Max

    The chain-stays are great. This would be like a $10k bike, AMIRGHT?

    • My guess would be closer to fifteen. Nice bike.

  • Davey Struthers

    sex on the beach xoxo

  • Lucas

    *alternating between katakana and English

    Kanji is the Chinese characters, which I don’t see on an otherwise beautiful bike.

    • Pete

      Yeah that is katakana, the Japanese phonetic script used to spell out foreign words. Not kanji.

      • Cool! Thanks guys. I’ll let Sacha know.

  • adanpinto

    Nice looking bike, but too sophisticated for my likes. Mechanical groupset with canti’s or mini v-brakes and it would be perfect.

  • nico

    how long has trp made road pull disks?

  • R Sachs

    The close ups all look GREAT but the bike from afar is kind of ugly.

    • Tommaso Gomez

      I suppose that’s better than looking great from afar but ugly up close, right?

  • Ed

    I know I’ll get hung at dawn for this, but just saying… it’s disturbing to the eye. If that’s the desired effect, then it’s been achieved, bravo. Frankly, I think we have custom builders really pushing the edge of the envelope which is just amazing and fantastic, however don’t assume everything is going to work visually, because it won’t. No doubt a brilliant bicycle given it’s mark, so for the owner good on you and enjoy it. Perhaps it looks very much better in the flesh than in photos, for that I’ll apologise for my comments. Enjoy.

    • No worries dude. These paint jobs aren’t for everyone! Thanks for sharing.

      • Ed

        You’re welcome John… I’m most generally a big fan of Sasha’s however this bike disturb’s me, not sure what it is, at first I thought the paint job but it’s more than that, the saddle/seat pillar combo perhaps… not sure. Anyway, healthy discussion I think… great to see another V/SpeedVagen bike, always a delight. Are those Grand Bois tyres?

  • docfink

    How much does your bike weigh?

    • This isn’t my bike, so I’m not sure. I think this one came in sub 18lbs

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