Mash SF: Dylan on California Street Apr 10, 2015

Photo by Mike Martin

Mash has been working on a few new projects and part of that is documenting track bikes being thrashed on the streets of SF. This shot of Dylan on California street is amazing. The lean, the composition and those tracks. If you’ve ever ridden down this particular strip of road in SF, you know how rad this is… Keep ripping, Dylan.

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  • IR

    Trolley tracks give me the willies after crashing on them in the rain years ago. I can’t imagine them on a steep hill in SF. THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE ha

  • Zach

    That is some serious skill!

  • Is he riding a single-speed or fixed (excuse my ignorance)? He seems really talented, but he’s going through red lights and rides on the wrong side of the road for a bit :-(

    • Fixed

    • Tony Clifton

      “he’s going through red lights and rides on the wrong side of the road for a bit”…. Welcome to SF.

      • What’s the consensus in SF–do cops ticket cyclists for that? Do drivers get annoyed, or is it just accepted?

        • Tony Clifton

          The cops have been way more aggressive ticketing for running stop signs and red lights lately. A few years ago, some douche racing his Strava time blew through a red light on Market Street and killed an old man in a crosswalk – and then wrote a Facebook post lamenting the loss of his helmet. Then a roadie kid riding to work on the Embarcadero blew a light, ran into a female tourist and killed her – but he’s became a bike safety advocate since then. The drivers around here pretty much hate cyclists, but it’s like that everywhere I’ve been.

        • vaev

          Slow rolls thru empty intersections and stop signs, and watching cyclists (esp.fixed riders) climb and descend SF hills is generally accepted and sometimes even cheered at, what Tony outlined however, is the wrong end of that spectrum.

        • Andrew Fiel

          got a ticket for running a stop sign a month ago. enforcement is spotty

  • Tom

    So good! Glad to see some more fixed stuff on the site! The new content is killer as well.

  • Richard Dreyer

    Hectic. Ace riding and ace shot by Mike Martin.

  • This clip is almost a year old and I still watch it all the time.

    • Sebastian

      I can’t believe it’s already been that long since I saw that. Hectic is an understatement, crazy lines.

    • Richard Dreyer

      If God ever decides to descend to earth from heaven, he’ll watch this video first and take notes.