Deux North’s Hunt 5 Apr 7, 2015

“Inspired by the sport of professional rally car racing, Deux North took a special group of riders to the Rally de Catalunya in Spain for Hunt 5. In Salou, they met one of the world’s best drivers, Kris Meeke, and recorded his story of passion and adventure. Traveling along the route of the World Rally Championship, from Barcelona to Valencia, Deux North ran into some of the most beautiful places on earth as well as some interesting surprises and setbacks. It was Kris’ story that inspired Deux North’s hunters over their four day trip and to this day. This is Hunt 5, as told by World Rally Championship driver, Kris Meeke, and Deux North’s Hunters.”

See more at Deux North.

  • Mister Internit

    “i’ve ridden my bike a lot but i’ve never ridden at night”


    • I know… Hahha

      • Dylan Nord

        I was surprised to hear it too. Gruber has ridden in more places around the world and logged more miles than probably almost any other person I have ever known. That quote for me was a testmanent to how cool it is to be able to still have new experiences on the bike after 100,000 miles. It’s not about getting to a place of having done it all, but continually discovering new stuff, like riding a few hours in the dark unexpectadly.

  • baily

    One of my fav rides is on the golf coarse, cart path on a full moon,
    Just need to keep an eye out for the grounds crew.


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