Yonder Journal’s Dead Reckoning Mar 31, 2015


The latest from Yonder Journal is quite possibly (actually, it just is) the largest project the team has ever undertaken. Here’s the synopsis:

“In 2015, Yonder Journal will investigate, ascertain, and document the peripheries and possibilities of exploration by bicycle. We call this project Dead Reckoning*. At it’s core we will apply the technologies and methodologies of adventure biking, bike-packing, and ultra-lightweight touring, to multi-day expeditions with a focus on going Over Mountain, the concept of Over Mountain being the the most essential and transformative form of human exploration.

The first of our Dead Reckoning expeditions took us to New Zealand’s South Island where we would attempt to cross the island from east to west, traveling across roads, trails, and unmarked land that has seldom if ever seen bike traffic. The crux of our route would be a Broderick Pass, a seldom traveled route hidden deep in the Southern Alps. It was quite an adventure.”

Check out some samples below and the full, massive photo story at Yonder Journal.





  • Kyler Martz

    Beautiful illustrations, good stuff!

  • fpjoran

    And there goes my plans of going to bed early.

  • Jamie McKeon

    stuff is amazing

  • D.J. Bolles

    Silly question but did Emiliano take the photos on this trip? This all looks amazing and like it might have felt like absolute hell at some(many) points.

  • Unbelievably good. I really hope this comes out in print form.

  • Anybody know what front rack this is?