2015 NAHBS: Retrotec Napa Valley Fatbike

Curtis Inglis’ company Retrotec is located in Napa Valley, California. Not exactly full fat territory, but as we all know, riding fatbikes can be fun in any terrain. For Curtis, building countless plump-tire bikes finally wore on him, resulting in not only the Best Mountain Bike award, but a new steed in his personal stable.

With a custom-painted Pass and Stow rack, PAUL Klampers, PAUL thru-axles and XTR, it has all the bling of a show bike and the stance of a trail beast. This is my personal favorite fatbike in the show…

  • Transit Cycles

    That color!

  • Keith Adams

    Tried to find something i don’t like about this bike, and nope. Nothing. Love it.

    • Agleck7

      PRO cockpit? Did they sponsor NAHBS or something?

      • Actually, yes they do. Shimano gives builders a great discount for NAHBS.

        • Agleck7

          Cool, thanks. Wasn’t being sarcastic, just would’ve been surprised to hear that PRO was hip with the custom bike building world all of a sudden.

  • gvnstewart

    oooo If Paul Comp levers had i-spec integration. Would be so clean.

  • charlesojones

    Paul cable disc brakes??
    Anybody out there tried those yet?

  • Tyler Morin

    This bike is way rad, I really love the color!

    • I think it’s my favorite paint from the show.

  • well played – que bueno, que bonita!