Ryan’s Rock Lobster Singlespeed Belt ‘Cross

When you look out at the field of SSCX bikes at an event like ‘Cross Nats, you’ll see a lot of overseas production frames, but chances are, you’ll notice and remember the Rock Lobsters. All slightly different than the other.

My favorite part about these bikes is how Paul’s default color of choice is selected by so many, yet when you see one in brown, or in this case, purple, it pops. Ryan’s bike was my favorite bike in the singlespeed race and not just because of its color.

For instance, you don’t see a lot of Gates belt drives on custom singlespeed bikes, or at least, I don’t and to be honest, I didn’t even notice at first. There are a lot of details in this bike that are simple additions, but it adds to the overall delivery.

Saying a bike is your favorite from an event like ‘Cross Nats carries a certain weight, but you’ll see why in the Gallery.

  • mywynne

    Yes, hell yes. Pretty damn close to my dream SSCX bike.

  • pythagos

    What type of bar tape is that?

    • Aaron Savona

      Looks like lizard skins DSP.

    • Crankzinnig

      And they used Supacaz super sexy bar end plugs


    Shame about the sticker on the TT.

    • mywynne

      Naw, don’t go hating on DFA 1979!


        Well, there’s no rule that says we have to agree.

        • mywynne

          Oh no, I figured that was the point of the internet! Yeah, to each their own.


            We’re both gonna get kicked off the internet for being so boring.

          • mywynne

            Well, in that case…. *cracks knuckles*


            Well, if I must.

            DFA 1979 need to crawl back under the petrified turd that their rotting corpse of a career just slithered back out from under.

            That said, Rock Lobster’s are pretty cool.

          • lol


            Adult conversations about bikes dot com!

          • mywynne

            To be fair, I don’t really acknowledge their latest… “release”.

            Like Rock Lobsters. Would ride.

  • Flying in the face of de facto stem slamming, that cockpit looks really damn good. Just enough girth in the down tube and top tube to make the big headset cup work aesthetically. Man, this thing has perfect proportions.

  • adanpinto

    Lovely bike. I wonder how is the belt transmission dealing with mud, I’m curious.

    • Jake Riehle

      Different situation but a friend did the tour divide with a belt drive and he said he wouldn’t do it again that way because he couldn’t pedal through mud once it got caked onto the crank teeth. He would have to clean off the crank when it got crazy. He suggested I go with a chain on the bike I built up with a Roholoff because you can at least grind through a lot more muck.

      • adanpinto

        That was my guess, thank for sharing your experiences :-)

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    traction tape on levers!

  • Salim Riley

    griptape on the levers is truly rad touch!

  • Adam H

    Are they de-stickered archetypes?

  • hans

    i remember seeing this in Bakersfield two years ago and talking with Ryan about the setup as well as my own Lobster i was having Paul build at the time. Really great dude, and i love that color. it’s good to see this bike again.

  • Tony Abate

    The rock lobsters were def some of the coolest bikes i saw at cxnats

  • Ryan William Rinn

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. This is by far the most special bike I’ve ever owned. I went to Paul with my ideas three years ago b/c my Bianchi Roger was dented and I couldn’t find any stock disc single speed cross bikes that were truly built to race. Paul didn’t judge me for the color choice (inspired by an EAI Bareknuckle I owned in Chicago), the gates carbon drive or anything else I threw at him. He worked his magic and created a bike that has been raced and rode a hell of a lot. I would estimate I have raced it over 75 times and it has over 6,000 miles on it. Until this year I didn’t even have a geared cross bike so I took it everywhere. Here’s the bare frame and Paul’s words on it…http://rocklobstershop.blogspot.com/2012/08/sickness.html

    There’s a reason people lust after Lobsters. Paul is that reason. He’s an understated genius and he’s one of the nicest and humblest human beings I know. The fact that he keeps his rates below market value so that people like me can afford to create their dream bike is a testament to his passion for the sport.

    The wheels are Major Tom pro tubies. The grip tape was my mechanic’s idea and it was a great addition. The belt can be a little tricky, but it performs beautifully in mud, doesn’t attract sand, and is deadly silent for the most part. The stem is a result of a hip impingement I have. There will be no slamming of stems in my future I’m afraid. Thanks again John for featuring this, I’m very humbled by your kind words and it’s amazing to see the shots.

  • The Angry Singlespeeder

    Paul Sadoff is one of the greatest framebuilders in framebuilding history, and he fucking slays it on the guitar.