Jonathan’s Singlespeed Rock Lobster Cross Bike

Purging bikes isn’t fun, unless you can sell it to a friend, or in this case, a co-worker. One of the higher ups at Mellow Johnny’s recently decided to part with his Rock Lobster singlespeed cross. It was practically new and just so happened to fit Jonathan like a glove. Best of all, Jonathan finally found a place for all those turquoise Chris King bits he had been saving.

Singlespeed builds are ridiculously beautiful, especially when they have a color combination like walnut brown and turquoise. Relying on the ever-so-stoppy, Paul Mini Motos and Pacenti SL23 hoops with Tubeless WTB Cross Boss tires, this thing will be good to go next season…

But as we all know, cross bikes are much more diverse than that. We’ll be seeing more of this beauty in the coming months, I’m sure of it.

  • Jean Baptiste

    Pacenti SL23 and tubeless crossboss…hmmmm living in europe sucks

  • Nick Valdes

    A second member of the turqoiuse accented sscx Rock Lobster club!

  • mywynne

    Yep, that’s the jam. Into everything about this, would ride!

  • hans

    hell yeaah!

  • Steve Fry

    Nice photos. Did you use some off camera lighting for this set of photos?

    • Yeah I usually have a diffuser on the lamp but didn’t bring it this time.

  • Lee

    I’ve never had any luck running a quick release in horizontal dropouts without some sort of tensioning system. Anything going on here that I can’t see or is there a trusted skewer that actually holds?

    • Also depends on the dropout face material, i.e. it needs a soft metal to bite.

      • Lee

        Yeah, I could see that but I’m surprised that’s enough. There aren’t any allen skewers out there that have any real strength to them are there? I’ve searched but never come up with anything very durable.

        • Doug M.

          Shimano XT. Failing that, DT Swiss RWS ratcheting skewer. Surly Tuggnut is nearly foolproof; grind off the bottle opener thingys if you don’t want ’em.

        • allen head skewers, in my experience, tend to strip out the threaded cap before they reach an adequate clamp strength to hold a wheel in place under a heavy load. bmx chain tensioners are the safest way to go, promax makes good/cheap ones. bottom line: never trust an unsecured skewer on a SS with horizontal dropouts, never ever ever, ESPECIALLY not an external cam like the zipp one in the photos. not a matter of IF but WHEN it will slip.

          • Lee

            I’ve had the same experience with allen head skewers as well. I’ve used/been using bmx tensioners on a couple of my rides over the years but I really hate dealing with them and was hoping that someone made something trustworthy. Guess not!

          • your best bet is generally sliding dropouts, as they let you use a normal QR no problem. beyond that, horizontal drops with some sort of integrated tensioner. beyond that, ya gotta use a tensioner of some sort, a normal QR wont cut it, it WILL slip, and if its a Ti skewer there is a good chance it might snap at the threads…which means you are walkin home (or done racing for the day).

          • Jonathan Neve

            I rode it at Nationals on Wednesday with that Zipp skewer and it was good, but switched to a Dura Ace closed cam this weekend for peace of mind. I don’t want to run a Tugg Nut unless I absolutely have to.

    • boomforeal

      newer, light weight qr skewers don’t seem to be strong enough. but old, heavy steel ones do a great job of resisting the increased torque single speed drive trains seem to produce

  • KT

    The Mellow Johnny’s grip tape is awesome. Sweet rig!

  • JonF

    Cool bike. Poor text and copy. John, get better interns

    • I wrote that. Sorry to disappoint.

      • JonF

        Consider it a compliment that I felt this post was uncharacteristically bad. Your writing is typically above par in the bike world.

  • Eddie Barksdale

    I need access to Jack’s parts bin! This is beautiful and looks like a great ripper!

    • Jonathan Neve

      Come raid it sometime!

  • boomforeal

    that is one bad-ass looking bike – and the brown and blue color scheme works great!

  • Justin

    SSCX builds absolutely turn me on.

  • Doug Landers

    never thought i’d like that color on a bike but that works for me..

  • Love.