Salsa: 5 Trails 5 States 5 Days Nov 25, 2014



Man, talk about a rad trip! Justin wrote this awesome piece on the Salsa blog about a trip that he took with a friend and a photographer. As you guessed, it spanned 5 trail systems in 5 different states over the course of 5 days, all while driving from each system on their motos, fit with 2-by-2 racks.

Head over to Salsa to catch the rest of this story!

  • Carter K. Quinn

    I have never seen motorcycles look more rad. Just love those racks and those trails.

  • Andrew Kilmartin

    I was just about to sell my GS now I’m after one of those racks

  • Jonathan Harris

    I have a 2×2 rack for my Honda CB500X, awesome rack. Planning a road trip like this for next summer.

  • Diranne

    So good! I need to get a rack for my BM!