Augur Wolf Lights Nov 17, 2014

Yeah, the market is surely saturated by USB charging blink lights, but the Augur Wolf has a functionality that I’ve yet to see. If you’ve ever been in a paceline on a road ride, brevet, or group ride, the rider in front of you most likely has a red blink light that can be distracting.

The Augur Wolf has a system that detects front lights behind it and automatically dims the light from a 3-LED, 35 Lumens, to 1-LED. Now that’s innovative.

See more from the Augur Wolf at their Kickstarter.

  • Joshua Robot

    That’s a nice feature. . .

  • Kyle Kelley

    They sure look pretty cool.

  • so you just need all of your friends to buy one

    • Alex Cook

      Yer this is my reservation. I think it’s a great idea though, just be better if the rear light detected any normal front lights at close proximity.

      • I think it does… Does it say it doesn’t?

        • Joshua Robot

          My takeaway from the video is that they accomplish the auto-dimming of the tail light via RF; which makes good sense.

          • Ngarto

            RF? it just has a photodiode to detect the flashing pattern of the front light

        • Alex Cook

          Not specifically, but it seemed implied it speaks only to the wolf front lamp. Would have thought the guys would point out if it worked universally. I’m in if it does, we all run exposure front lamps here, so if it reacts to that…

      • Joshua Robot

        The funny thing is I’ve toyed with just the opposite; designing a tail light to get brighter when car headlights hit it directly. It wasn’t one of my better ideas :P but I did learn that interpreting light source type (car, bike, sun, etc.) isn’t trivial.

        However, for the use case of riding in a peloton, I would have simply gone with a PIR sensor. Perhaps they thought of that and ran into insurmountable problems?

    • Ewen Smith

      Hi Jaap, I can confirm that Wolf lights work together. We initially wanted to make them respond to all bike lights, however due to the risk of false alarms (from cars and the likes) we decided to go for a closed communication system. This allows them to operate in a similar fashion to the lights you already have, but with the added benefit when you ride with other wolf lights. Ewen.

  • Liam Griffin

    These really only makes sense if you’re on a team and/or train with the same group of people all the time, and you all decide to buy these as a big pack. Great concept with a limited & very specific target group, hats off to them for doing something different though.