Cosmic Dirt: MTB Apparel for All Bodies – XS-4X

Cosmic Dirt is a new apparel company that just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise liquidity to fund its ambitious apparel project: design and manufacture MTB and outdoor clothing in sizes from XS – 4x. If you have friends who are bigger-bodied, then you know their struggle to find apparel that fits them properly. Grading in clothing can be expensive and time-consuming, so your support can help Cosmic Dirt do it right! See more at the Kickstarter


Makers in Motion Camera Strap

The Makers in Motion Camera Strap is a cycling camera strap designed to make taking photos on and off your bike quick, seamless, and secure. With magnetic hardware and slick seat belt webbing, this strap is so easy to use that bringing a camera with you will be a no-brainer. See the full details at the Kickstarter Campaign.


Shift Cycling Culture’s ‘Cracked Earth’ Film Needs Your Help in Funding

Shift Cycling Culture is working on a film called ‘Cracked Earth’ and the campaign to fund the project has just been listed on Kickstarter. Here’s a synopsis:

Cracked Earth won’t beat around the bush. Because we no longer can. Climate change is not a future threat; it’s our generation’s reality. The film captures the lives of cyclists in vulnerable areas around the world who share their love for the bike, but also their concern about the current state of their homeland – and its ever more uncertain future.

Cyclists just like you.

You can see more at Kickstarter!


CHOKA Air Inflated Bikes

I must say, we get sent A LOT of Kickstarter campaigns over here at the Radavist but this one is one of the most unique ideas I’ve seen:

“CHOKA is an airtight bicycle brand from the Pyrenees created by to bike fanatics: Claire and Joel both independent industrial designers. We want to create simple, playful, and durable bicycles with a little extra in case of a flat tire.

We dream of a better world, without disposable CO2 cartridges but with a lighter and more efficient solution than hand pumps. In 2018, for the Concours de Machines, we designed and built a prototype with Yoann, Menhirs frame builder. It that has been turning heads: we welded our frame airtight to use it as an air reserve. We can then inflate our tires and even set up tubeless!”

What do you think? See more at CHOKA’s Kickstarter.



Surely, if you read this website, you love nature and animals of all kinds. PUKE is a film our friend Foster Huntington worked on, documenting a group of people who collect owl pellets for money… This project is on Kickstarter and there are some great promotional products like a VHS and t-shirts up for grabs, so if this looks interesting to you, and you have the means to, head over and back this film.


The MUUL RuckBucket

Riding to have a picnic? Or to a party? Or the beach? Check out the MUUL RuckBucket insulated cooler pack, big enough for the essentials, yet small enough to carry around on your back or a porteur rack. Where ever you go, you can bring the party with ya! See more at Kickstarter.