CHOKA Air Inflated Bikes

I must say, we get sent A LOT of Kickstarter campaigns over here at the Radavist but this one is one of the most unique ideas I’ve seen:

“CHOKA is an airtight bicycle brand from the Pyrenees created by to bike fanatics: Claire and Joel both independent industrial designers. We want to create simple, playful, and durable bicycles with a little extra in case of a flat tire.

We dream of a better world, without disposable CO2 cartridges but with a lighter and more efficient solution than hand pumps. In 2018, for the Concours de Machines, we designed and built a prototype with Yoann, Menhirs frame builder. It that has been turning heads: we welded our frame airtight to use it as an air reserve. We can then inflate our tires and even set up tubeless!”

What do you think? See more at CHOKA’s Kickstarter.