Radar Roundup: Reggie Miller + Moots Ranch Rally, Musguard Kickstarter, Apidura Does City, Rattler Socks, and Tonka II


Radar Roundup: Reggie Miller + Moots Ranch Rally, Musguard Kickstarter, Apidura Does City, Rattler Socks, and Tonka II

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Moots Ranch Rally Returns for 2022 with NBA Hall of Fame Legend Reggie Miller

NBA Hall of Fame Legend and Moots rider Reggie Miller will join in the seventh running of the Moots Ranch Rally this year. Reggie will be aboard his new Routt RSL for the 2022 Ranch Rally, which takes place June 11th in Moots’ home of Steamboat Springs, CO.

The Ranch Rally predates the ubiquity of gravel riding, originally being called a “dirt road ride” for its inaugural running in 2014. Now, the event is returning after a two-year hiatus and serves as a leisurely-paced gathering of Moots riders as well as a preview of many of the roads used later in the year for SBT GRVL. Registration is open now at Moots.



Musguard OMNI Kickstarter

The Ljubljana, Slovenia-based brand Musguard has a Kickstarter campaign going for their OMNI bicycle mudguards. Made of recycled polypropylene sheet measuring only 0.8mm in thickness, the OMNI mudguards are applied in seconds when needed and rolled up easily when dry again, they are a treat for all riders that don’t want to spoil the looks of their whip but don’t want that skunk stripe and soaked socks either. To learn more, head over to Musguard and Kickstarter.

Camp and Go Slow Rattler Socks are Back in Stock

Camp and Go Slow is probably best known for their Rattlesnake bar tape but these Eastern and Western Rattlesnake socks were so hot when they first released them that they sold out almost immediately. Well, they’re back in stock and shipping now at their webshop.

Apidura Launches Its City Line

Apidura might be known best for its bikepacking and ultraracing-oriented cargo solutions for gravel/mtb/adventure bikes but they just flexed a bit with their new City Line, which features a small handlebar bag, a backpack, and a messenger-style sling bag, all designed with the same aesthetic quality of their other products. See the full lineup at Apidura.

Tonka II

Our mate with the fly bikes just uploaded a photoset of his newest build: a “Tonka” inspired e-bike, designed to haul kiddos, trail work gear, and groceries. Roll on over to FYXO to see this Ute in all its glory!


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @johnprolly

Jarrod Bunk was down in Santa Fe en route to Tucson a few weeks back and John shot some fun photos with him, which we’ll be posting next week but for right now, we really want you to read this post on Jarrod’s Instagram. It’s full of all the feel-good vibes Jarrod is known for and some Mid South stoke! Also, this is a beautiful photo, Jarrod!

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