Camp and Go Slow Spring ’24 Drop


Camp and Go Slow Spring ’24 Drop

Camp and Go Slow‘s merch drops always hit the mark, and today, the Doyle, California-based merch company has some fresh merch ready to ship at 12 Noon PST. We got an early look at the goods before the drop so let’s check it out…

The big release of this drop is these stem/bar bags by What Happened in Eastern and Western Rattlesnake tape theme. These bags are made from deadstock and scrap materials with remnants of bar tape left over from production. Retail is $95

Camp and Go Slow are also restocking Western Rattler tape with updated packaging. The stuff sacks for the Western and Eastern bar tapes are now made in Seattle. They have a much nicer finish quality and switched the coyote fabric out for brown. We use the stuff sacks for all sorts of things!  Western and Eastern tape retails for $44.

For people who don’t run tubeless, or converted cyclists who remember the age before tubeless, these patches will hit you with a different sort of nostalgia. Perhaps our favorite product in this drop are the inner-tube patch kit patches. They’re iron on and ready to stick on any fabric. Best of all, they’re only $8.

These products will hit the Camp and Go Slow webshop at 12 Noon PST.