Patrick’s Testarossa LOW Track

Orange and red are two colors that often clash, but sometimes they work. Case in point, Patrick’s LOW track bike. If this one looks familiar, it’s because Kyle shot photos of it at the black top in LA a few months back.

To Patrick, this bike is the result of intense financial planning. It took him almost a year to save up for this bike, but the end result is one of his favorite moments of the day. As he describes, when he hops on the bike “it rides like a razor blade of butter.” Super stiff, but smooth…

Campagnolo Record drivetrain, H+Son rims, Thomson and Chris King. This bike is laced with top of the line, yet durable components and it adds a bit of subtlety to the flashy paint job. As I was photographing this bike, a pedestrian walked by and said “damnnnn that’s like a Testarossa!”

I love Andrew Low’s bikes, they’re a testament that made in the USA aluminum track bikes will always have a place in the world, whether the street or the track. Enjoy the ride, Patrick!

  • primotapia

    love the tb14s, bike looks fun as hell. money well spent!

  • odenator

    Looks like he’s wrecked it since it was last shot. I’m assuming the tape on the chainstay is hiding some crank rub. Same thing happened to my LOW. And this isn’t a knock on Andrew’s work at all. Aluminum is gonna tweak if you wreck it.

    • odenator

      Also, super smexy build. I’m jealous of how dialed in this bike is.

    • Patrick Walker

      I did! 3 days after I got it I got hit by a car. All is well and the bike is for sure rideable. Just adds character!

      • odenator

        Bummer that happened! But yeah, mine still rides like a champ as well!

  • btdubs

    See, it’s not hard to put together a nice track bike. So many people mess them up.

  • Andrew Low

    I’ll admit, I was dubious of this color scheme when I saw Patrick’s order form, but I gotta give Patrick credit for his bold choice (especially if he saved up for a year!) It is pretty cool in it’s own right, and gratifying to see that people love it. Way to go Patrick! Thanks John!

    • Patrick Walker

      Hey thanks Andrew! I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s totally amazing. Far beyond what I could have imagined. It’s a head turner for sure and I’m hoping it turns people on to you! More LOW’s please!!

      • Sam LaClair

        Good sir! I’m curious what bar you have on this bike. Mind telling?

        • Patrick Walker

          3T Ergonova Pro. My favorite road bar.

  • Paddy Fry

    I can identify with that sentiment, no matter how bad a day is, getting to ride a bike like that, especially one that has had a year of saving and probably endless mind changing is such a rad feeling, I saved for over a year and deliberated like mad waiting for my Low and it was the best decisions and best use of my money ever, so rad.

  • Nick Mahoney

    Damn thats a nice T-shirt!

  • This is the nicest Low I’ve seen to date (and melburn represent!)

  • Liam Griffin

    The lack of thread engagement on that rear axle is scary! I had a similar issue with Campy Pista hubs on an Alu track bike, and ended up rebuilding the hub with a longer axle to get the track nuts to seat properly. Sick build, keep those nuts tight!