Andre’s Sparkle Icarus Track Machine

A while back, I posted about Ian Sutton of Icarus Frames trying to sell this prototype track machine here in Austin. Turns out, my buddy – and part time intern – Andre picked it up. Rather than go with a classy, wet coat, he got it painted dark black with a clear sparkle top coat. Something that neither Ian nor myself saw coming…

I’ll admit, both of us were apprehensive, but when I saw the bike in person, I knew exactly what Andre was going for and Circle A killed it!

Andre built the bike up with all Zipp components: seatpost, bars, bartape and stem. For wheels, he went PAUL track hubs to H+Son Archetypes and SRAM Omnium cranks. It’s a standard, classy build on a very unique frameset. Since he works at Mellow Johnny’s he had the mechanics dial everything in.

The Cervelo fork and its tight clearances are right at home with this frame, that barely squeezes in a 23c tire. It’s a mean steed with a bit of sassy sparkles.

Ride safe Andre!

  • Goog Smells

    That bike looks awesome. I really like the murdered out sparkle. Also, I like what Sperry is doing with their SPD-SL boat shoes.

    • The SPD-SL boat shoe game here is serious.

    • Emīls Delle

      Where can one get SPD-SL boat shoes? Looks damn fine!

  • Patrick Murphy

    That MASH doughnut cap is perfect! I’m glad this frame found a home and became this badass machine. Awesome job, Andre.

    • Andre Chelliah

      Thanks Patrick! I was super stoked on the stem cap.. Hopefully they re-up them!

  • nice build!

  • Parker

    Wow, awesome that you have interns. Wish I was in Austin!

  • Chuck Erickson

    Any idea what stem cap that is? I love me some sprinkled donuts!

    • It’s a MASH top cap – doesn’t appear they’re in stock anymore.

  • Leslie

    Love the cap! Great guy.

  • Had the pleasure of meeting Andre at Royal Blue the other night. Got to see this killer machine in person! :D Nice guy too.

  • Ian Stone

    Did they dish the wheels to get that chainline straight? Pauls have a 44mm and Omniums have a 42mm.

    • btdubs

      Dishing wheels doesn’t change chainline though….

    • Ian, grab a ruler. Look at 2mm on the ruler. Then tell me if you think you can notice that 2mm spread over 410mm. It’s barely noticable and even most hubs that say they’re 42mm are in reality, 43mm or even 44mm.

      • Ian Stone

        I had the same hub/crank combo on my mash and it was always noisey. Could never get it to be quiet. Figured that was the cause.

  • Chris Andrews

    i’d be terrified riding a bike with that low clearance!

    • Man, remember (or maybe you don’t) when we were all riding De Rosas or Samsons with less clearance than that on the street doing wheelies and shit? Times have changed so much. Not dogging on you, just saying, 7 years ago, people would have shit/pissed their pants for “tight clearances bro!”… so good!

  • woof jakarta

    black + glitter is METAL!

  • hey, that’s my paint!

  • tertius_decimus

    Saw one of these in person (and had the opportunity to talk to owner) at meeting here in Ukraine. These Icaruses are gorgeous, bar none! Photographs do not do the justice.