Andre’s Co-Motion Lucifer Cross

A while back, I featured Andre, my new intern’s Stoemper Cross. Well, since then, he got in a wreck and folded the top tube in half. He was pretty bummed, as you might imagine, but luckily for him, a friend who used to work at Co-Motion had this magenta Lucifer frameset sitting in his garage since the 2005 Interbike when he bought it…

Andre was able to salvage all his parts from his Stoemper and just built this bike up. Personally, I like it a lot more, but that’s got a lot to do with the color. A subtle chartreuse wrap at the logos really make this frame pop, especially with the Rapha hi-viz bidons and Chris King turquoise headset. My favorite detail is the bar wrap job. John, the mechanic at Mellow Johnny’s that built this up for Andre cuts the tape and uses either expanding bar ends or he wraps standard bar ends with electrical tape so they stay in place (which I removed to photograph this detail). The end product is insanely clean.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better name for a bike, even if it does represent a fallen angel. Keep this one upright brother!

  • David

    Super nice rig. Clean. He’s scored twice with good frame/parts combos. The Stoemper was great too.

    • carl bradtmiller

      both aluminum also. aluminum bikes don’t see as much love as their steel or carbon cousins but they have certain redeeming qualities. there was the foes spread, the stoempers and maybe a track bike or two, but not too many get featured here. maybe it needs a tag.

      i love the 46/38 combo, very pro. cable routing is a head scratcher though. not as many top pull fd options in 2005? and also, do i need to adjust my screen or is that headset just plain ol’ blue?

  • Goog Smells

    This is a great looking build, especially w/ those gumwall tires. I love how clean and simple looking Co-Motion’s bikes are.

  • recurrecur

    Co-Motion don’t get enough attention outside the tandem & touring crowd.
    They make some mean, fast bikes.

  • adanpinto

    Be careful with the fork, had some cosmetic damage and carbon breaks without informing

  • Nat Whittingham

    I like the odd bend in the fork, does that have another function beyond adding Rake?

  • xianec

    I agree, Co-Motion does not get enough respect. I loved my Co-Motion road frame with a Wound Up fork.

  • omg
    pun intended