2014 Amgen Tour of California: Stage 02 – Folsom

The time trial. To some, the most significant stage of any race, to others, it’s a prison of pain and suffering. Grown men tear themselves inside out for around an hour for the world to watch. The prison metaphor is very fitting for Folsom, which houses the state prison. Founded in 1880, this penitentiary was made famous by Johnny Cash’s two performances, which still resonate today.

Speaking of performance, the time trail bikes of the second stage of the Amgen Tour of California epitomize technology. From the newest wheels, groups and even the helmets, the PRO racers looked like high-tech spacemen.

Team SKY’s Wiggo took the crown today, with a finishing time 44 seconds faster than anyone else…

10 responses to “2014 Amgen Tour of California: Stage 02 – Folsom”

  1. Ted Arnold says:

    Nice work John. Cool to see real race coverage that has as much emphasis on the color stuff as it does the race. Met my friend at my first TdF in 2000 while he was covering, halfway through ASO took his creds as they said site we were working for sold stuff too. It did, but we’d paid ASO a huge fee just for rights to have official maps, some select pics, and our editor had been at VeloNews for 10-years before. Site was split between for sale and editorial. We had to go rogue, side of the road color stuff for 2nd half or race. Clicks went UP. To this day I owe ASO a debt of gratitude for getting me out of having to read bullshit AP Style books and worrying about decimal points. Who attacked whom and the gaps. Most of all allowing me to go back and never have to visit a media room. Instead, got to ride my bike.

  2. Tyler Howarth says:


  3. Mario says:

    Great shots. What happened to the Belkin guy on the deck?

  4. sauhsu says:

    more people need to be stating how brilliant these TOC photos are – because they are stupidly good. please keep up the documentation of TOC for those of us whom cannot be a part of this wonderful event in cycling. only one request: photos of jens voigt!

  5. Aaron says:

    Those are three incredible portraits of Wiggins.

  6. Jon X Mack says:

    What’re you shooting these with, the Fuji?