Robin’s Santa Cruz Digi Camo Highball Dirt Dropper

So… it’s been a wild few daysBlackburn brought me out to the Whiskey Off Road to see some new products, meet the Rangers and document the weekend as I saw fit. All of which will make for some awesome posts – once I sort through the photos.

For now, here’s Robin’s – the Blackburn brand manager – DIY digi camo paint Santa Cruz Highball dirt drop all-road bike. SLX triple cranks, Cambium saddle, barcons, TRP levers, interceptor brakes and massive clearances (it’s a MTB frame after all). This bike is another great example of fully-customizing a production model frame.

I shot some photos of it, at the top of the range, before we got hit with a nasty snow storm that covered our camp site in a few inches of fresh powder

  • Jaime De Pujadas

    That bike is such a classy looking bike for being a rugged machine. Looks like a beast

  • henrilefebvre

    wow, that’s something

  • Chris

    You are a magician of the bicycle glamour shot.

  • adanpinto

    original bike but the pictures with the snow flakes are inspiring, great job.

    • Wait until you see Chris and Vernor’s bikes haha

      • hans

        i am trying to be patient, please post a pic of Vernor’s rock lobster!

        • Vernor is on a Cielo Overlander, not his Rock Lobster, which is a road bike.

  • I want this in my life

  • Jamie McKeon

    these photos do that bike justice!

  • D0rk

    I want a bike almost exactly like this now. About the only thing I would change is I would set it up with Retroshift, especially if they ever come out with their TRP Hylex version.

  • David

    Do you know how well those TRP brakes work? Compared to the feel and function of Avid/Shimano

  • cdoett

    how can you do such a paint job DIY?!

  • datniqqanoel

    wow.. great build. what tires are those?

    • Matthew Meyer

      Look like Schwalbe Big Apples

  • This might be one of the most beautiful bikes I’ve seen!!

  • Henrik

    boner alert!

  • Captain Penguin

    Whats the fork?

  • Joshua Robot

    BOSS on so many levels. I particularly like that it is sleeting in the photos.

  • Raouligan

    Hi John, long time lurker first time poster, I’m guessing this was running friction shifting?
    I’m continually inspired to spend money after viewing you must be an advertisers dream ;0)

  • Theodor Rzad

    Anybody know what those brake levers are? My mustachioed CX needs a new one thx to rain on streetcar tracks…

    • Theodor Rzad

      ahhh TRP RR

  • Ryan

    whaaaat? that’s awesome! I ride a Highball. What fork is this? and what tires?

  • cdoett

    what kind of bike rack is that?