Today I Watched the UCI Pro Women Crush the 2014 Mellow Johnny’s Classic

Yesterday, I got the hair brained idea to race the 2014 Mellow Johnny’s Classic at Flat Creek Ranch outside of Austin. I’ve never raced MTBs before, but figured what the hell? My buddy Hanson Little and I drove out, paid the $40 and raced. I started at the back and made it up to 4th. Hanson got 3rd. We were stoked but the highlight of the day for me was watching the UCI Pro Women absolutely crush the course. Check out the recording from the day here and the results here.

Team LUNA Chix was in top form, absolutely shredding every lap, leading the pack by well over a few minutes. It was really great watching these women rip the course apart! While I didn’t make a big deal about shooting photos today (man, it was hot), I did manage to get a few worth sharing. Check them out in the Gallery!

  • Carl Anderson

    Either the rider in #6 loves riding so so much, or that dude heckling her was funny… Either way congrats on the almost podium in yer first race! What bike did you ride? MTB races are so chill compared to other disciplines.

    • She was so stoked – pretty sure those were her family and friends…

      I raced the Tallboy

      • Laura Underhill

        That’s Jess Rawlins from Denton. She placed #1 at USA MTB nationals and usually races with a big smile.

  • Sean Talkington

    Looks awesome/fun!